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What To Do If Amazon FBA Products Are Distributed Into Warehouses? How To Deal With Them
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Sep 06, 2018

When many amazon sellers create the FBA delivery plan, they will encounter the situation of being separated by amazon system.In fact, for amazon's FBA, if no special Settings, it is the default split.The product of the same SKU that you created is automatically configured into different FBA warehouses, which is called FBA silos.

When it comes to silos, sellers are in for a headache.Because the goods are in the same warehouse, which is conducive to the inventory management and timely replenishment, there is a risk of overstock of the single goods.In addition, if the FBA products to be shipped are not large in quantity or high in value, the cost of the FBA head process will be increased innocently!For sellers, it's not a good deal.So why does amazon default to split?How do sellers handle the split position?Today I will tell you about the division of the business.

1. Why does amazon default to split the warehouses

1. When creating FBA delivery order in the background, two options will appear in the Inventory configuration option Inventory Placementoption, the Inventory placement service (composite) and the Distributed Inventory place(sub-division), where the sub-division is the default option of amazon.Many sellers do not modify the selection, resulting in the delivery of goods into the warehouse situation.

2. According to the facility conditions, temperature, humidity and other factors of each FBA warehouse as well as the seller's product type, amazon allocates each type of products into the most suitable FBA warehouse, so as to make rational use of the warehouse and prevent the polarization of the warehouse being full or empty.

3. Amazon attaches great importance to the buyer's consumption experience, and arranges FBA products in the FBA warehouse in the hot-selling area or the area with large demand.According to the special situation of different regions, the goods are divided into warehouses, which can not only expand the sales but also guarantee the interests of buyers.

2. What to do when encountering silos

Scheme 1: manually set up the warehouse in the background. The specific operations are as follows

1. Open the Fulfillment by Amazon in Setting

2. Click Edit in Inbound Settings

3. Check the Inventory Placement Service and click Update

Once the warehouse closing function is set, it will immediately take effect on the newly built FBA cargo. After each shipment, please remember to change the background to the default setting, so as not to deduct the warehouse closing cost each time. The specific way of warehouse closing is to charge according to the size and weight of the commodity.Take American stations for example, $0.30 per unit in standard size and weight of 1 pound or less;For large sizes of 5 pounds or less, $1.30 per piece.

Plan 2: increase SKU shipment quantity

Increase the quantity of FBA products, so that even if the warehouse is divided, the quantity of each warehouse is exactly equal to the quantity of a batch of goods, or the delivery quantity you want.

For example: if you want to do 100 FBA products, so you can fill in 300 when filling quantity, even if the product can be assigned to the three positions, and in accordance with the amazon slightly floating points method, each warehouse may be 90100110, although can't guarantee every warehouse must is 100, but the actual quantity was close to the number of shipping you want to do, also for the freight.Then, you can choose to send FBA products of one of the FBA warehouses first. After the products are sold almost, you can send the rest.

However, it should be noted here that the difference between the quantity you send and the quantity you actually send should be less than 5%. If the long-term difference is large, it will also affect the performance of warehousing.Therefore, this operation is risky and cannot be used frequently.

Plan 3. Change the place of shipment to be near the warehouse

When FBA silos are encountered, directly change the place of shipment to the us address. It is better to approach the address near the warehouse where you want to close the warehouse. Generally, amazon system will assign it to the warehouse nearby.


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