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What's The Most Shipping Inspection Of Goods In U.S.?
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Dec 21, 2016

The U.S. department of homeland security recently released a report, according to a report that the United States most of the fake goods from China. We launched an investigation that w e've learned through understanding, U.S. customs in the inspection of goods last year, a total of 28865 seized to counterfeit products, including most of the counterfeit goods come from China's Hong Kong and mainland China. According to the U.S. customs and border protection (CPB) in fiscal 2015 seizure of counterfeit products. According to the relevant data of the following , we find out a few kinds is the shipping inspection of goods:

1. Clothing/Accessory

As an exporter, Chinese clothing and accessory is one of the most common type of shipping goods. According to the data shows, clothing and accessory is one of the biggest fake goods category, seized the number of 22%. High-end clothing high profits and profitable. High-end clothing's desire can promote the development of the counterfeit market. So by the United States customs order has a certain probability.  

2. Electronics products

With the development of science and technology, electronic products are no longer fresh. Almost every family will have one or two electronic products. According to data show that in the process, one fifth of counterfeit goods is electronic products. Electronics products is the second largest fake goods category, seized the number of times (18%).

Many American consumers want to buy the latest product, so stimulate the purchase and sell fake electronic products. Many consumers can easily become the victim.

3. Shoes

Most popular sport shoes all over the world have high cost. Number of shoes seized accounted for 10%, the number of counterfeit shoes seized last year amounted to 2818 times, from the previous year increased two times more likely to be seized. So many footwear manufacturers took action to crack down on fake goods, such as Nike shoes in their added many hidden details.


Number of watches seized accounted for 10%, 2015 seized watches/jewelry price accounts for 45% of the total value of the seized goods, share the most. Last August have seized more than 175000 pieces of counterfeit watches at one time. With other luxury goods, watches and jewelry are easy to counterfeit and infringement. Fake jewelry and watches has become a key problem in the industry, federation of the Swiss watch industry anti-counterfeiting activities every year.

5.Medicines, and personal care products

As the necessities of life, on a global scale, drug is one of the most fake commodities, seized number accounted for 8%. Because of the large demand quality medicines, and the price is high, so sell fake drugs is very profitable for criminals.

A lot of fake products, at the same time also has a lot of quality goods. Drug patent infringement is one of the focus in the United States.


Seized handbags and purses value accounts for 15% of the total value of the seized goods, seized number accounts for 7%. The price of some handbags can be thousands of dollars. In an inspection, CPB seized more than 10788 pieces of Gucci and Coach handbags from China in July last year. Some valuable luxury, have a good market in the world, easily brought to the attention of the customs.

8.Computer/electronic accessories

Number of computer/electronic parts seized accounted for 3%. Many fake products might be for military systems and equipment, so all the counterfeit products not only hurt the economy, but also against American national security. Selling fake computer accessories of profit is very high, and in recent years the United States military weapons found in the fake computer parts.

9.Counterfeit CARDS and labels

Number of counterfeit CARDS and labels seized accounted for 2%. Counterfeit goods need to stick a card and labels. Counterfeit CARDS and labels on the clothing is not included. Seized these CARDS and labels including woven lable, stickers and metal label, often used in branded apparel, handbags, shoes, electronic products and software, etc.

U.S. customs inspection is random sampling, it can not absolutely not met, then met again change? Let small make up to tell you.

If meet the customs check ark, it will delay the delivery time. General check ark time: X-ray scanning about 2 ~ 6 days, opening about 2 ~ 3 weeks.

How to reduce the risk of inspection?

No matter which country the customs is required information and documents, as long as the goods are not contraband, imitation brand goods, there is no entrainment.U.S. customs has perfect inspection and release mechanism. So, normal customs clearance risk does not exist.

Kinghood has been focused on the door to the door, in the United States local customs clearance agency cooperation, operating experience,  more accurate understanding of maritime customs clearance link in place.

U.S. Marine double clearance request:

(1) the customer need the first is to schedule requirement, sometimes than required longer than a day to Hong Kong,  likely to produce the consequences of a fine or even cancel the order, so we choose the position and speed of discharging port is more guaranteed high quality ship company;

(2) the right of the double clear goods door to door transportation guarantee is also one of the primary factor. We are on both sides of China and the United States has our own company, so there will be no communication does not reach the designated position and can't control the cargo rights.

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