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What Products Are Not Suitable For FBA
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Sep 07, 2018

According to statistics from foreign media, more than 1 million new sellers entered amazon stores worldwide in 2017, of which nearly one-third are from China.Yet despite the thousands of new sellers joining, few of them can be active sellers.There are many benefits to choosing FBA for amazon platform, but not all products are suitable for amazon FBA, so what are the products?

One, too cheap product

Survey shows: products with retail prices below $7 are not suitable for FBA.The reason is very simple. In addition to the necessary logistics and transportation fees, FBA will also charge several additional basic fees for each transaction, specifically, product commission fee and FBA storage fee.Commission is generally charged on a percentage basis, ranging from 15% to 26% of the value of the goods.FBA storage fee includes order processing fee, packing fee, weighing fee and storage fee.These extra fees cause the seller's costs to increase a lot, too cheap products will not be profitable.Although merchants can choose to cooperate with professional international logistics companies, international logistics companies can be used for FBA, which not only saves high product commission, but also reduces transportation costs.However, goods that are too low in retail prices may still struggle to make ends meet.

Products that are too big and too heavy

The product is very big and heavy, or is thrown, is not suitable for FBA.It is also the reason of cost. It is very heavy or jettisoning. FBA transport costs are relatively expensive.Do amazon FBA or it is recommended to choose small and medium-sized goods.However, it is not the case that large, heavy and unloaded items cannot be shipped on amazon. In order to save transportation costs, it is still recommended that merchants find professional international logistics companies to cooperate and make FBA head start.

3. Products without market

For products with few reviews, sales are not good, that is, products without market.FBA has storage costs. The storage cost of FBA warehouse in the first six months of goods storage is very cheap. However, after six months, the storage cost has skyrocketed 10 times.Therefore, it is better not to use amazon as a warehouse, but to put the goods that can be sold in the amazon warehouse.

Four, seasonal too strong product

FBA is not recommended for products with too strong seasonal or seasonal characteristics. This is because FBA needs to predict sales volume and prepare goods in advance. If a product is too strong seasonal, it will be difficult to predict sales volume.If inventory is low, in case of shortage of goods will seriously affect sales and even affect the weight of products and stores.If the inventory is too large and slow to sell, can't wait until next year?

Products with short shelf life

Amazon warehouse is not a first-in, first-out rule, no batch concept.Products with short shelf life are likely to expire when they are actually delivered to customers, so it is better to choose products with long shelf life.

Dangerous articles prohibited by public order

Here's a look at some of amazon's prohibited goods:

1, any legal way to sell and distribute the products in all jurisdictions in the United States 2, alcoholic beverages (including no alcohol of beer) 3, kongmin light or krathong 4, automobile tires stored value 5, gift CARDS, gift certificates, and other tools in June and has not authorized marketing materials (such as brochures, price tags and other amazon stickers) of goods, size 7 more than 144 inches by 96 inches by 96 inches or weigh more than 8, 150 pounds of goods, need to prepare but is not prepared in accordance with the requirements of amazon logistics packaging and ready to goods, packaging of loose battery 10, 9 11 damaged or defective goods, not to the before shipmentItems 12 that have been properly registered or are not in conformity with the registered items, 13 that do not conform to any agreement between amazon and the seller, 14 that have been illegally copied, copied or manufactured, or are determined by amazon to be unsuitable for sale

Not all products are suitable for FBA. For products that can be sold on amazon but are not suitable for FBA, you can choose a professional international logistics company to do the FBA head procedure, which can also be sold well on amazon platform.

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