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U.S. Customs Will Step Up Scrutiny Of Imported E-commerce Goods
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Oct 29, 2018

According to foreign media reports, The US Customs & Border Protection agency (CBP) will step up scrutiny of The goods imported into The US and intercept illegal and counterfeit goods entering The country through this channel.

CBP will require sellers to send all shipping data in advance by mail and closely monitor it, and shipments to shore will be subject to more scrutiny than before.CBP executives recently told the industry that new measures were in the pipeline.At the same time, CBP also pointed out that due to the us government's imposition of tariffs on imported goods from China, many us retailers are restocking in large quantities, and CBP also faces a huge workload.By August, the number of packages handled by U.S. customs each day had surged to 2.1 million from 1.4 million at the start of the year and is expected to jump to 2.5 million by the end of the year, according to CBP.

The executive director of the air transport association of America also said that while there was a minimum duty free limit (Section 321, the $800 daily duty free import limit for individuals in the United States), they were also under significant pressure to ship and inspect goods.

The government has focused on the issue of upgrading imports.On October 3, the us senate submitted a bill to the White House that would require the us postal service to send electronic data about imports to CBP in advance.The bill stipulates that 70 percent of cross-border cargo data must be transmitted before arrival on shore by December 31, 2018, and that all data specifications for imported goods will be filed by December 31, 2019.The bill would synch official mail data with unofficial logistics data, which private American delivery companies were required to submit in advance in 2002.

In addition, CBP plans to review imports from Canada.CBP said that in recent years, more imports from China have been shipped to Canadian ports, where they have been broken up into hundreds of packages that meet the minimum tax exemption and loaded onto trucks into the United States to escape customs clearance.CBP plans to require Canadian trucking companies to submit shipping order data in advance from jan 1, 2019, the sources said.

At the end of September, CBP said it intended to launch a campaign against terrorism, and it was understood that logistics companies that had become partners in the operation were likely to be given free access to goods.CBP executives have repeatedly said they want to replace ground inspections with automated data streams to improve the safety of imported shipments and prevent the flow of offending goods.While this is more reassuring for us retailers and dealers, it also presents them with information data problems.

At present, CBP does not have any automatic customs clearance channels to handle the relevant goods of Section 321. The goods meeting the minimum tax exemption can only be declared through paper documents, which makes many logistics providers feel that the procedures are too complicated and cumbersome.CBP promised to improve the issue.It is understood that CBP has obtained a financial allocation of $30 million in 2018, and it plans to use funds other than conventional funds to optimize and upgrade automatic customs clearance channels. CBP emphasizes that realizing automatic customs clearance of goods of "Section 321" is an important task at present, and has the opportunity to use part of the funds to build the data collection function of automatic agent interface.

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