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Trump: To Increase The Shipping Industry Control Network Security Problem
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Jan 18, 2017

President-elect Donald trump, recently announced on the network security to form a team of entrepreneurs, shall be the responsibility of the former New York mayor Rudy giuliani, entrepreneurs meeting regularly, to introduce the trump to network security problems and solutions.

Trump said in a statement, the network invasion is the United States and many parts of the world's fastest growing crimes", a "significant threat" to U.S. national security. Many private companies and public institutions with the U.S. government faces similar network security challenges, such as hacking interference, data and identity theft, artificial network control and ensure the security of information technology infrastructure, etc.

Trump the government made it clear that the network security problem is a national security priority, network security risks pose a threat to the national key infrastructure, including the maritime and transportation.

The government's new Internet survey team has started to review the network defense system, and from all walks of life to loopholes, including the important infrastructure in the field of transport and maritime affairs. Network team will provide different entities with specific network defense technical advice, to predict potential danger, and will continue to follow up.

In recent years, the hacker's attack on maritime sector, research has shown that including transportation and maritime sector of the critical national infrastructure network security risks are multiplied. Port, port operators, ship operators, such as shipping companies are facing threats to network security. Hackers even became the pirates flotilla of new weapons. Maritime activities is crucial to global trade flows, network attack will bring potential loss of life and property, shipping and port infrastructure, serious when can cause hundreds of billions of dollars in economic impact.

The U.S. department of homeland security (DHS) and the United States coast guard (USCG) in recent years has been committed to reduce the threat of network security to the shipping department. In 2015, the USCG issued a network security strategy, identified a best practice measures to help the shipping department to solve the problem of network security.

DHS, meanwhile, also to improve the understanding of network security risk, in March 2016, it issued a called "malicious network activity on the results of port operation" of the report. Report draws the following conclusions: 1) if the network security holes not been solved, then poses a major threat to port facilities and ship. 2) network attack leads to the port and ship the goods loss, damage, and environmental damage. And impact on port operation will continue for a few days or even weeks, but it depends on the extent of the damage the port network and facilities. 3) network attack for major infrastructure depends on the consequences of its influence degree on ports, including led to the suspension of port operation time, and the ability to make the goods transfer to other ports. It is reported, the report will continue to focus on transportation, manufacturing, commercial facilities, food and agricultural network security, energy and chemical industry, etc. Because if more than one port was interrupted by the network attacks, so for other industries the impact of infrastructure may be jointly and severally.

According to how to deal with the network security problem, the international community has also been through discuss with IMO approach. In 2016, IMO maritime safety committee on the 96th general assembly approved "interim maritime network risk management guidelines", focus on the issues of governance.

So far, the network security provisions of the maritime sector has not been enforced, but it is expected to the development in this direction in the future.

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