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Tips For Amazon Product Research (Part 2)
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Jun 22, 2018

1.       Pick more products, but not too many.

Building brand is the key core when you are doing the business on Amazon. Launching private label is more than picking a few profitable products and throwing them up there and seeing what sticks. Not only will building a brand give synergy to your overall product line, but it will help you get bonus features in seller central like brand registry, enhanced brand content, and storefronts. And if you use outside marketing channels, it will help you segment your audience even more and give them new buying opportunities. Accurate market strategy and product roadmap is your deadly weapons before launching your products one by one. Keep continuing to track them alongside your first product.

2.       Keep tracking your product even if you launched it

Keep tracking your SKU performance and watch out your potential competitors. Not only should a seller starts thinking about products 2, 3, and 4 after they’ve discovered their first product, but the Amazon marketplace is constantly changing. There’s no telling what could happen in the 30-60 days from the time you put down your deposit to when your goods arrived. Use your product tracking tools to avoid costly mistake by misunderstanding market trend or any showstoppers.

3.       You are not the only person who’s found the product

To avoid vicious competition and raise your ROI rate, please keep it in mind, you need to wait for at least two weeks to observe your coolest product idea to see how the market plays out. Be sure to track the product for all time. As third-party sellers in Amazon, respect and follow its key value: revenue per customer. Provide your best value and unique product to customers, you will receive a great ROI in this long-term investment.

4.       Marketing Strategy Establishment

Marketing is a huge piece of Amazon private label sales, so it’s best to start early, even while you’re doing the initial Amazon product research. Amazon PPC is probably the best cost-per-click advertising utility I’ve ever used. It’s simple, elegant, and frankly, kind of cheap, especially when you factor in Amazon’s crazy high conversion rates. However, putting all your apples in the Amazon PPC basket can be a costly mistake. If you really want to succeed and build a brand then I highly recommend marketing outside of Amazon, too. There’s plenty of ways to do it, but some of the most popular (and cheap) methods I’ve discovered include using Kickstarter to launch your product, putting up pics on Instagram, sending samples to influencers, and giving away promos on deal sites.

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