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Tips For Amazon Product Research
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Jun 15, 2018

1.       Don’t only focus on the BSR numbers. (Best Seller Rank)

There’s nothing more exciting than finding a product niche that’s selling hundreds, if not thousands, of units per day. Unfortunately, the Best Seller Rank is not the only index you may consider. In addition to demand, you must consider your sourcing capability, improvability, cost, seasonality, competition and more. You may lose dozens if you fail to factor of comprehensive consideration. We conclude that at least 8 factors you need consider before you make decision of product selection on amazon.

2.       Product’s Category Restriction

After you are ready to launch your product, please be aware of that could be restricted product category. Amazon may or may not request your certification once you create your first FBA plan. Prepare your certification when you are starting the mass production, do not let the restriction become your trombone.

Amazon has close to 20 categories it considers “off limits” for the average seller. There are four types of gated categories:

Specialist/collectible categories. These are categories that only niche experts should sell in, as they typically have high quality standards. Examples include collectible coins, sports memorabilia, and fine art.

Hazardous/high-liability categories. Amazon doesn’t want a bunch of law suits on their hands, therefore the categories with products that could prove dangerous to shoppers (and FC employees, too) are off-limits to those without an approval. Examples include major appliances, cosmetics, food, and even toys/games.

High-maintenance categories. Some product categories are definitely geared towards more advance sellers as they come with high return ratios, sizes, colors, and more. Amazon just wants to make sure the seller knows what they’re getting into before they start selling these items. Fashion and clothing fit into these categories.

Expensive/high-quality categories. Finally, some items are far more expensive than the typical $0-$100 price points of other Amazon products. It takes an expert to sell these items. These categories include fine art, watches, and jewelry.

3.       Do not ever “copy and paste” competitors’ listing

Back to 2010~2013, it was very encouraged to copy and paste competitor’s listing. Source it cheap, throwed on your own brand name, stuffed in a white box, and watched it go. Amazon soon found out the circumstance that entire first page of search results all with the exact same product, was losing customers’ confidence to maximize revenue per customer. Amazon updated its A9 algorithm to recalculate seller’s listings and ranking them. When you are doing Amazon product searching optimization, be sure to find a proper way to stand out. Consider Seth Godin’s concept of the purple cow. If you’re driving down a country road, you might remark the first time you see a brown cow chewing grass out your window. But after a few browner cows, you stop turning your head. There’s a purple cow among those brown cows. You’ve never seen anything like it. You stop the car, get out, take a few pictures, share it all over social media. Sure, it’s still a cow, but hey! It’s purple. That’s the kind of product you want to create. One that still easily fits into the product niche, but also turns heads. 


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