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This Solution To The Pain Point Of Cross-border E-commerce Really Works
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Today, when the international trade pattern has been remade by the Internet, the growth rate of cross-border e-commerce is remarkable, and it has become the new fulcrum of China's trade growth, especially cross-border B2C e-commerce.However, compared with traditional foreign trade which has been developed for many years, information flow, capital flow and logistics service are all bottlenecks restricting cross-border B2C e-commerce business, especially logistics service has become the biggest pain point of cross-border e-commerce.

First, slow delivery. The most commonly used means of transportation by sea, air or express, coupled with customs clearance and delivery time, generally takes weeks or even months to deliver goods, which severely restricts the further development of cross-border e-commerce.

Secondly, it is difficult to track. At present, China's e-commerce logistics industry basically realizes real-time tracking and query of packages. However, it is difficult to track the delivery information of many packages even if they get the order number after they leave the country.There are great limitations in contacting with overseas express companies.

Thirdly, the situation is slow. The biggest difference between cross-border logistics and domestic logistics is that it needs to pass through two customs checkpoints: the customs of the exporting country and the customs of the destination country.In cross-border export e-commerce, the key to logistics lies in the customs of the destination country, and customs seizure inspection often occurs.The loss caused by "confiscation" and "returned items" is unbearable for the seller, while "re-release of supplementary documents and materials" undoubtedly extends the overall delivery time, which may lead to the buyer's complaint or even refusal to pay for the return.

Secondly, packages are easy to be damaged and lost. In the logistics and transportation of cross-border e-commerce, from the collection of packages to the final delivery to customers, it is easy to be damaged after a long journey, and there is a certain rate of bag loss.These situations not only lead to poor shopping experience of customers, but also force sellers to bear the loss of freight, goods and customers.

Finally, it is difficult to return or exchange. In any normal commercial trade, it is inevitable to have the problem of return or exchange, and return or exchange only brings the merchants trouble.In the case of amazon, once the goods are returned or replaced, none of the goods returned by amazon to the seller can be resold on the shelves.Faced with the high cost of shipping back to China and the economic loss of on-site destruction, merchants will go where they want to go.

The only solution to the problem of high domestic distribution cost and long distribution cycle in the past is to use overseas warehouses.There are many advantages to choose the overseas warehouse mode. Sellers can manage the overseas warehouse online and remotely, and keep the overseas warehouse goods updated in real time.The staff of the overseas warehouse will store, sort, pack and deliver the goods in strict accordance with the instructions of the seller, and the system will be updated in time after the delivery to show the inventory status.In addition, if the goods purchased by buyers are shipped from the local market, they are more likely to be trusted by overseas buyers, and the purchase rate will gradually increase, virtually putting domestic sellers and local sellers on the same starting line.

Jinhongya overseas warehouse improves the shopping experience of buyers. Overseas warehouse directly delivers goods locally, greatly reducing the delivery time.Using local logistics, you can contact the staff of overseas warehouse to inquire the status of goods distribution, so as to achieve the full tracking of the package;The first step of overseas warehouse is to adopt the traditional foreign trade logistics, import in accordance with the normal customs clearance process, greatly reducing the clearance barriers;Local delivery reduces the transfer process, thus greatly reducing the rate of damage and loss of packages;Amazon sellers can return the returned goods to the overseas warehouse, and the staff of the overseas warehouse can change the label, pack the goods and return them to the warehouse for listing.These factors will bring buyers a good shopping experience and save sellers a lot of costs.

Sellers are the core of many links of cross-border e-commerce, while overseas warehouses have gradually become important partners for sellers to localize.

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