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The Import Customs Clearance Procedures Of Red Wines
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Oct 25, 2016

Label record

Label record need to provide
Qualified original label prospectus and translation text/Chinese label prospectus
A business license photocopy of franchiser/two bottles of sample
Documents trial
Providing the original documents before the cargo arrive to the port
2.Packing list
4.Certificate of original
5.Qualified original label prospectus and translation text Chinese label prospectus/a business license photocopy of franchiser
6.Sanitary certificate
7.Customs clearance document,customs broker.
Note:Wood packing must marked'IPPC'
Customs broker,Customs inspection
After the cargo arrived the port,notified the forward to arrange the customs clearance and inspectionInspection release
After verification of the original customs tax receipt by customs,1 to 2 days complete the customs inspection and release the cargo inspection procedures.
Clearance delivery
After released,delivery to the named consignee and sign in
Local inspection
After cargo arrived to the warehouse,notify the commodity inspection personnel to arrange a site check,14 working days by all inspection and inform whether qualified,as well as the record label.
Cost settlement
Payment voucher for bill of entry
Customs tax receipt
Expenses invoice
Import taxes
Customs Tax:14%
Consumer Tax:10%

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