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The Headline Of Amazon's Listing Optimization
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Jul 04, 2018

On Amazon platform, if the product rank is promoted, it will bring more traffic to the product and store, and get more orders. The title, description and so on will affect the ranking. The importance of the Amazon search ranking is the title > short description > long description > search terms, so today the editor will give you a brief introduction to how to write the title of the product.

First, the title is simple and not too long

The official suggests that the length of the title should be controlled within 200 characters (must be input in the English input method, not in the Chinese input method). And now, more and more buyers tend to use the mobile terminal to buy products, while the mobile terminal titles can reflect the limited number of words. For longer titles, the mobile terminals will use ellipsis, which will not be displayed all. Therefore, in order to be able to simply and clearly reflect the situation of the product, it is suggested that the name and attribute be put in front of the product directly, so that the customer will know what to sell, whether he wants it, and this is best reflected in the Best seller.

Two. The requirements for the writing format of the title

A concise, product - related title can maximize your products to attract traffic and exposure, so the format consistency and accuracy of the title is particularly important. First, the headings of each word should be capitalized (prepositions, conjunctions, and all the lowercase articles). Second, do not appear in the title like "&" Such as special symbols. Again, try to reflect numbers rather than words in the title. For example, the three is to write Pack of 3 instead of Pack of three. Finally, the units in the title should be spelled out instead of symbols. For example, when writing inches, write inches instead of symbols. Another thing to note is that in the title, avoid spelling or misspelling as far as possible.

Three. The requirements on the content of the title

1, do not reflect the sales promotion information in the title, such as "free shipping", "sale", "best seller" and so on.

2, do not reflect the product's inventory in the title or reflect the seller's own information.

3, avoid words that involve "rank or title", such as "TOP1", "Best" and "Best-Selling".

4, try not to appear in the title of the product characteristics, product description, use instructions, etc., because these elements can be fully reflected in description.

5, avoid keyword stacking phenomenon, the title must appear the core keywords and appear once.

6, you can reflect the brand of your product in the title, giving customers a sense of trust. If you never publicize your brand, your brand will not be established. With so many choices on Amazon, you must enhance customer loyalty and start with awareness.

Finally, we provide you with a formula for headings, core keywords + branding + highlights + materials + minor features + attributes [size / capacity / color / quantity]. The core keyword is the word that the customer searches most. The choice of these keywords can be obtained from the Google Keyword Planner tool or Merchant Words tool. Google Keyword Planner provides search volume on Google Searches; Merchant Words provides search volume on Amazon. From the perspective of Amazon's listing optimization, Merchant Words can provide more powerful data support. The more simple the sentence is, the more true it is. The simplest answer is usually correct.

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