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The General Trend Is Pushing Forward The China-us Trade Negotiations
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Jan 21, 2019

After the positive message from the trade negotiations, there is a little more cautious optimism about the next stage of sino-us negotiations.

US President Donald trump tweeted that the sino-us talks were "going well" before they were even over, a rare advance endorsement of the talks.

After the consultation, China and the United States issued brief statements of their own, in different wording, which appeared to be well-behaved.The Chinese statement gave a "broad, in-depth and detailed" overview of the discussions, saying it laid the foundation for addressing each other's concerns.The U.S. statement focused on Washington's concerns, such as China's commitment to buy large amounts of agricultural, energy and manufactured goods from the U.S. and structural issues related to intellectual property protection, but did not specify what agreements were reached.

One striking similarity between the two brief statements, however, is that they both stressed that the consultation was an important implementation of the consensus reached by the two heads of state at their meeting in Argentina.It could also be seen as a confluence of two very different statements, sending the message that the negotiations are in the hands of the two heads of state.The two sides agreed to maintain close contact and leave a positive outlook for the follow-up of the consultation.

We have noticed that some of the foreign media analysis holds that recently the us end a trade war with China as a whole will continue to increase, the leaders expressed optimism about a possible deal more, the American media public criticism of a trade war picked up the voice of the negative impact to the U.S. economy, U.S. stocks of orientation of welcome detente trade relations more bright.

China and the United States are moving in the same direction. Cooperative settlement of the issue is no longer a unilateral appeal of China, but a common attraction for both sides.

This change has not come easily for several reasons.

First, China and the United States are deadlocked. The trade war that has lasted for more than nine months has prompted both sides to take a closer look at each other's strength, attitude and needs.The role that trade war can play as a means of coercion is limited. At the very beginning, the idea that the us side would be able to subdue China and lose far less from trade war than China has been proved to be unrealistic.

Second, China has accelerated the pace of reform and opening up. China's plan to expand market opening has not been slowed down by the us starting a trade war.Objective said, China's reform is still not in place, the requirements of the "structural transformation" has some direction is consistent with China's reform, is China's positive response, such as lower tariffs, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, to reduce the threshold of market access, etc., some are doing in China, some of the understanding and the policy adjustment, the upcoming, all this to the position of China and the United States closer to form objectively.

Of course, some of the us demands touch upon China's national system and ideological management, which is unacceptable to China. The us also understands that those demands are not what they should insist on.

Third, a trade war is a lose-lose game. This law is emerging in the United States as promised.China is not as strong as the us, but its system has a greater tolerance for hardship, which the past nine months have shown to be no bluff.The impact of a trade war can be felt more quickly in China, but China's economy and society have shown a remarkable ability to move in the right direction, demonstrating China's continuing resilience, all of which adds to China's negotiating position with the United States.

Fourth, looking forward to the whole year of 2019, China and the United States have formed more balance between the economic situation and the psychology of coping with trade war, which has laid a foundation for the equal negotiation between the two sides.As the trade war between China and the United States continues, the lose-lose situation is becoming more and more certain.After playing tariff CARDS with each other, China and the United States began to shake hands, which gradually became the general trend.

Of course, progress in the sub-ministerial negotiations is far from the final outcome of the china-us trade negotiations. The recent history shows that the variables of china-us issues often appear out of nowhere.Some of the American elite have developed a new cold war mentality toward China, and their ability to stir things up is not to be underestimated.

It is hoped that China and the United States will honor the consensus reached at the meeting between the leaders of the two countries in Argentina, cherish the hard-won progress of the negotiations and reach an agreement of mutual benefit and win-win results, which will benefit the two peoples and the whole world.

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