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The Export Of Chinese Cross-border Electricity Strong Growth.
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Dec 02, 2016

With the national support policies introduced gradually and traditional acceleration for the transformation of foreign trade, the export of Chinese cross-border electricity retail industry is entering a period of strong growth. Data show that in the first half of China's cross-border e-commerce export turnover has accounted for more than 80 percent of China's overall cross-border e-commerce business deals, RMB 2.09 trillion.



EBay cross-border trade department in charge of China said that "As the market retail, logistics, language and a series of cross-border trade export industry challenges facing a breakthrough unceasingly, recognition and purchase intention for Chinese commodities is rising. A lot of e-commerce sellers of the sense of smell is gradually transition as cross-border electricity dealer.


With France, Italy, western market consumers pay more enthusiasm to price superior and rich diversity recognition of Chinese goods of Chinese goods, the Chinese sellers to develop the local market also have a high confidence and enthusiasm.



Compared to mature in english-speaking countries, France, Italy, west of The Three Kingdoms of cross-border online shopping environment is still in its infancy quickly, so consumers for 3 c electronic and fashion and other Chinese buyers demand is also very strong in the traditional advantages of category. And many popular categories,such as auto parts, health and beauty products has also demonstrated the market vitality.

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