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The China-us Economic And Trade Consensus Reflects Mutual Benefit. The Chinese Rhythm Remains Unchanged
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Dec 03, 2018

On December 1, local time, during their meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the two presidents reached important consensus on china-us economic and trade issues and decided to stop imposing new tariffs on each other.The consensus serves the common interests of China and the United States and the world at large and points the way for china-us economic and trade relations.

At the same time, there was concern that the pace of China's development might be disrupted by the economic and trade frictions between the two countries.

The consensus is that the concerns have not materialised.The consensus reflects China's consistent declaration of deepening reform and opening up.China has adhered to the firm position of not exchanging its core interests. It has demonstrated its efforts and sincerity in promoting the sound and steady development of china-us relations and expanding china-us economic and trade cooperation.

First, the two sides decided to stop imposing new tariffs on each other and immediately address each other's concerns in the spirit of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit.The decision is in line with China's previous principle of conducting negotiations and consultations, and the two sides will only be able to sit down and talk if the us stops waving its tariff stick.At the same time, the United States said it would actively resolve economic and trade issues of concern to China.From the consensus content, China is committed to upholding its core interests.

Second, the consensus reflects China's efforts and sincerity in promoting china-us economic and trade cooperation.The consensus shows that some economic and trade issues of concern to the us will be resolved.China's response to the us concerns is responsible not only for the well-being of the two peoples, but also for the multilateral trading system and global free trade, as well as for the steady growth of the world economy.

In addition, the consensus reflects China's calm and deliberate adherence to the "China rhythm".To be sure, there have been doubts about China's expansion of imports from the United States, which they regard as a "decision made under pressure from the United States."This view is biased.The consensus indicates that China will take further measures to deepen reform and open wider to the outside world as required by the 19th CPC national congress.This is an objective requirement of China's economic development and also meets the growing consumer demand of the Chinese people and the need for high-quality economic development.The established "China rhythm" does not change due to changes in external conditions and will not be disturbed by any external pressure. The context is clear and clear.

Since the beginning of this year, China has repeatedly stressed that the development of healthy and stable china-us economic and trade relations is of great importance to the two countries. We hope that china-us economic and trade cooperation will benefit the two peoples and do not wish to see the escalation of china-us economic and trade frictions.Therefore, the two sides should firmly grasp the current important opportunities, earnestly implement the important consensus reached at the two heads of state, based on the spirit of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, keep close communication, differences and expand cooperation, on china-us economic and trade issues relative to one another, strive for more positive results and promote bilateral economic and trade relations back on track as soon as possible, achieve win-win cooperation.

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