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Surprisingly They Do Amazon!
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Amazon is a very customer-focused platform, and I believe most sellers feel the same way.We buy things online and it used to be "hello, what do you want to buy?"", which has evolved to the present "affinity", so the customer experience is very extreme.The more satisfied customers are with our products and services, the higher the rating is, the higher the conversion rate of Listing will be.Today, we're going to examine in detail how amazon can improve the customer experience.

First, grab from product quality

Product quality is definitely the first consideration.Product quality mainly includes two aspects: first, the product should conform to the product description;Second, product quality to pass.

1. We all know that the description of Listing is very important to the customer's experience. When writing the product description, it should conform to the real situation of the product, and it is better to provide the actual basis for describing the effect of the product.Don't exaggerate. It's best not to include superlatives in your product description. When you describe a product as "the best," the customer will not trust you and will not buy your home product.To say the least, even if a customer buys your product, it's not what they expected when they got it.Your product may be rejected or even have a bad review.

2. Amazon advocates "products are king". If you have problems with the quality of your products, it will lead to refund, poor comments and even claims.English instruction manual can be provided, authentic product English instruction is helpful to reduce the after-sales service.

3. The packaging should be standard, and the standard packaging can build a good brand impression.At the same time, you can also tell the customer: you are a real product, not purely sales.

Ii. Logistics optimization of FBA

FBA is amazon's biggest contributor to improving the user experience.The use of amazon logistics will bring faster delivery speed, better user experience and higher commodity ranking to customers, so it will also be of great help to increase sales.All join FBA products, above is Fulfilled by Amazon marks, the seller indicates that this product is made from Amazon delivery and complete the order, customer trust.

In addition, amazon FBA can also improve product search rankings.In the customer's search results, FBA products must rank ahead of ordinary goods, even if the price is higher.

Set up a special after-sales team

Sellers need to set up a dedicated after-sales team to deliver a sense of focus through a timely response.Amazon, as the company that attaches the most importance to customer experience, will be highly responsible for customers and require every seller.Sellers should set up a 24-hour response system, which is amazon's requirement for every seller on the platform and will be directly related to the seller's performance.In the case of unqualified performance, sales will be restricted in serious cases.

When the product is sold, we need to follow up with every customer who is ashamed to express their satisfaction in words, inviting them to leave a comment.To do this, it's best to add a caring email before asking for comment, as a precaution while showing the buyer an image of a responsible and enthusiastic seller.When there are problems with the product, the after-sales response must be quick, to actively and seriously resolve the various issues raised by the buyer.

The issue of improving customer experience may seem "old" but "new".Some people say that "customer experience is the customer's psychology and feelings of using the product, and then their impression and evaluation of the product."Therefore, from the perspective of customers, the problems of strict control of product quality, active customer service and improvement of customer experience are solved.

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