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Sino-us Trade War: China Answers Three Questions Of Trade War
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Oct 15, 2018

It has been six months since the start of a trade war on March 22.But now China has also begun to assert itself in the international arena.After all, this is a trade war, and at the moment, a war of opinion and psychology.China cannot afford to be careless.

The state council information office held a press conference on September 25 to answer questions on china-us trade frictions.Of these, three are probably the most sensitive.

The first sensitive question: can China's economy survive a trade war?

I believe this is also the most important issue for Chinese people at present.It is, after all, an unprecedented trade war, and we are, after all, facing the United States, the world's only superpower.

The us will impose tariffs on 200 billion Chinese goods, which will have a direct and indirect impact on China's economy.

On the whole, although the impact is unavoidable, the risks are generally manageable, and the Chinese economy is fully capable of hedging its impact by boosting domestic demand and promoting high-quality development.

3. There are at least three reasons for the controllable risks: first, the Chinese economy as a whole is resilient; second, domestic demand has potential; and third, the competitiveness of market players is growing.

4. China's specific countermeasures can be summarized as follows: first, to expand domestic demand more effectively and make up for deficiencies;Second, reduce the burden and improve the environment more effectively.Third, more effective structural adjustment and improvement.

In a word, China's economy has challenges, and we acknowledge them.But don't worry.In addition,

We will also better adhere to the socialist basic economic system, unwaveringly encourage, support and guide the development of the non-public sector of the economy, stabilize social expectations and strengthen confidence in development.

Second sensitive issue: under the trade war, how to look at the outward migration of enterprises?

The trade war initiated by the United States has had a significant impact and negative impact on the global industrial chain. Some western media hyped that some foreign capital started to leave China.Obviously, with so much information, confidence will inevitably be affected.What are the facts?What do Chinese officials think?

1. For any country, it is normal for enterprises to move in or out of the country every day, which is also an inevitable phenomenon of economic globalization.

2. The United States has a trade war, which has a real impact. Considering the diversification of risks and cost reduction, some foreign companies will choose to move out.

3. We do not exaggerate the problem, but we are confident about the market potential and industrial supporting advantages of China. Most foreign companies will choose to stay in China.

Some foreign companies are actively entering the Chinese market.

To sum up briefly: we admit that some foreign companies want to spread risks and choose to relocate, which is normal.But China's market potential and supporting, other countries can not replace, the vast majority of foreign companies will stay in China, in fact, some foreign companies are actively entering.So with foreign capital, not to mention Chinese capital.The impact of trade wars on small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) should be vigorously promoted by streamlining administration, cutting taxes and fees and invigorating the development of smes.The Chinese central government recently studied a series of policies and measures to stabilize foreign trade and help enterprises overcome this difficulty.

The third sensitive question: will China and the United States hold talks on trade?

Us Treasury secretary Donald mnuchin had earlier invited the us and China to hold a new round of talks.Still, the trump administration abruptly slapped tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goods, and, according to western media reports, China explicitly rejected the U.S. demands for talks.Did the negotiations break down completely?Will China and the us talk in the future?

It is entirely up to the us to restart high-level economic and trade consultations.China is open to the settlement of economic and trade differences through consultation and negotiation. However, for the negotiation and consultation to be effective, it is necessary to treat each other as equals and respect each other.

Now that the us has taken such massive trade restrictions and put a knife to someone else's neck, how can negotiations proceed?It is not an equal negotiation and consultation.

Second, negotiations and consultations must be conducted in good faith and keep their promises.There have been four rounds of high-level consultations between China and the United States. The two sides have even issued a joint statement.

So long as we are sincere, treat each other as equals and keep our promise, the negotiation can find a way out.

Put a knife to the Chinese neck and ask China to negotiate.China certainly won't talk.

2. The negotiation should be sincere, treat each other as equals and keep the promise.Why this should be emphasized? The us should review its own words and deeds.

The door to China's negotiations is open.Let's talk about it or not. It's all about American performance.

By implication, China is not refusing to negotiate. It is opposing extortion and extortion.If the United States is sincere, honest and treats each other as equals, we can talk.

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