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Seven Kinds Of Situations Not Eligible For Export Tax Rebate
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Sep 02, 2016

The State administration of taxation, the Ministry of Commerce issued a circular, with effect from March 1, self-employed or commissioned export business with one of the 7 in the right table, export the business enterprise shall be declared to the tax authorities for export refund (exemption). Two departments made it clear that export firms engaged in the business in the right table and declare one of refund (exemption) of tax, once discovered, the business had refund (exemption) of tax to be recovered, no refund (exemption) of taxes no longer apply. Of defrauding export tax refunds, by the tax authorities in the recovery of its obtaining reimbursement and defrauding refund more than 1 time penalty of 5 times and above the provincial level (including provincial) tax authorities for approval to end its rights to export tax rebate for more than six months. Stopping the export tax rebates during the self, delegate or agent of the enterprise exported goods are not for export refund (exemption).

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