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Sell The Home Must See, Off-season Does The 5 Point Method Of The Market
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Like traditional e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce has high and low seasons.Q4 season just in the past, this time, next cross-border electricity sellers tend to enter the finishing stage, is the so-called "do business peak season, the off-season market", although is the off-season, but sellers cannot rest, in this month to practice internal work, ready for shipment, do a good job in all kinds of bedding market and brand promotion, in preparation for the coming year's sales.

After the peak season is over, what should cross-border e-commerce companies do now?

A, pay attention to the peak season after the "return and replacement tide"

After the sales peak of "black five", "Internet one" and "Christmas season" for cross-border e-commerce, the return and exchange peak for buyers is inevitable.Many sellers are very averse to returns, especially after amazon introduced new rules last year that let buyers return items for free, directly driving up returns rates.

Return is no small matter, the probability behind the event is to avoid a bad review, if there is no convenient return of goods, your details page will be a lot of bad review.If handled well, it can maintain a good shopping experience and promote re-purchase. If not handled well, the goods will still be returned to you and leave you with a bad review.Therefore, for the seller, the best way is to face the customer's return and exchange requirements sensibly.The goods will be returned to the overseas warehouse of kinghood, and then the staff in the overseas warehouse will put new labels on the goods, repackage them and send them back to the amazon warehouse for further sales.For goods that cannot be resold due to damage or quality problems in the process of transportation, the overseas warehouse can also be destroyed or returned to China as required by the seller after screening.

Second, the stock

Sellers can prepare goods in this rare "gap period". After all, February is the Chinese Spring Festival, and many factories will have a holiday. When the factory starts to prepare goods and transport, it is likely that there will be a serious shortage of goods.Therefore, sellers can contact the factory in January to prepare goods for the New Year, and then ship the goods in bulk to kinghood overseas warehouse for storage.When the goods need to be replenished to amazon warehouse, they can be directly sent from overseas warehouse, which effectively avoids the dilemma of goods shortage after the peak season.

For many cross-border sellers who make eBay, wish or independent stations, they can also store the goods in bulk in overseas warehouses, and when there is an order, they can directly send one piece from overseas warehouses.

3. Timely launch new products

Introduce a few new products at the right time off-season, can grab the market share of the opponent effectively.In the long run, the launch of new products can strengthen the position of the enterprise brand in consumers' mind.For enterprises with a limited marketing budget, limited advertising and the right amount of new products can achieve good influence.Before the Spring Festival in the market slack season, timely launch part of the spring products, is also a strong consumer guide and stimulation.The launch of a new product is likely to lead to a small sales spike.

Iv. Product optimization

The off-season is the time to do enough homework for the product, so we must pay attention to the optimization and processing of the product, before the exposure is less, or even no exposure of the product to do a systematic optimization, gradually cultivate new demand hot style products.

Fifth, completes the station outside the promotion work

As the opening line says, "market in the off-season."Now is a good time to expand the market, sellers can in Facebook and abroad BBS more promotional posts.Looking for people with large traffic places with attractive pictures or text to introduce their products and advantages.

Now I have made these preparations. When the Spring Festival comes, I will enjoy the Spring Festival holiday while watching the sales volume stabilize. It is a very good thing that others are out of stock but you are in stock.

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