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Recalling What Products Are Involved In The 7 Rounds Of The Sino-US Trade War?
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Aug 01, 2018

U.S. Eastern Time July 6 00:01, the United States on the value of 34 billion U.S. dollars of Chinese goods levied on the official implementation of tariffs. At 12:01, China sent a counterattack, imposing a similar tariff on American goods of equal value.

In this regard, the trade war into the actual stage. China and the United States have been constantly rubbing, from the 90 's, the U.S. three times on the "Special 301 Survey" and the first "flames." After entering the 21st century, as China's economy grows stronger, the trade deficit between the two countries is increasing, and the frictions between them are becoming more and more frequent, and finally this year's full-scale outbreak!

What is the passing of the Sino-US trade war?

First round: March 22, 2018, the Trump government announced "the infringement of intellectual property rights on Chinese goods levied 50 billion U.S. dollars tariffs, and the implementation of investment restrictions."

Prior to that, March 9, Trump formally signed the customs decree, "Imports of steel and aluminum respectively 25% and 10% of the tariffs." On the same day, China's Ministry of Commerce immediately responded and issued a list of discontinued concessions on 232 measures for U.S. imports of steel and aluminium products and sought public comment on the proposed imposition of tariffs on some imports from the US to balance the losses caused by U.S. tariffs on imported steel and aluminium products to Chinese interests.

It plans to impose tariffs on 3 billion of dollars worth of American fruit, pork, wine, seamless steel tubes and more than 100 other commodities.

Second round:

April 4, 2018, the U.S. government issued a list of tariffs, the Chinese export of 1333 U.S. $50 billion of goods to levy a 25% tariff.

In response, the Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council issued the 34th notice in 2018, to the United States of soybeans, such as agricultural products, automobiles, chemicals, aircraft and other imports of tariff measures, the tax rate is 25%, involving 2017 China's imports from the United States about 50 billion U.S. dollars.

Third round:

April 17, 2018, U.S. Commerce secretary Ross announced Anti-dumping and countervailing investigations into steel wheel products from China (ie "Double counter" investigation); the U.S. Department of Commerce has also started to cut imports from China's general aluminum alloy plate subsidies behavior. On the same day, China's Ministry of Commerce issued its 38th notice in 2018, announcing the preliminary ruling on an anti-dumping investigation of imported sorghum originating in the United States.

The Ministry of Commerce ruled that imported sorghum originating in the United States was dumped, the domestic sorghum industry suffered substantial damage, and there was a causal relationship between dumping and substantial damage, and decided to impose temporary anti-dumping measures on imported sorghum originating in the United States.

Fourth round: May 21, 2018, U.S. Treasury Secretary Mnu said the two countries have reached an agreement to stop the trade war, and the two sides will continue to hold consultations on economic and trade issues.

Sino-US trade war "flameout"!

Fifth round: May 29, 2018, the White House announced a 25% per cent tariff on 50 billion dollars of goods imported from China containing "important industrial technology". These include commodities related to the "Made in China 2025" program.

The final list of imported goods was announced on June 15, 2018, and tariffs were soon levied on these imports.

In response to a statement issued by the White House on the same day, a spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce quickly responded by saying that our strategic statement to the White House was both unexpected and predictable, which was clearly contrary to the recent consensus in Washington between the US and China.

Sixth round:

June 15, 2018, the U.S. government issued a list of tariffs on imports of about 50 billion U.S. dollars of goods to levy a 25% tariff, of which about 34 billion U.S. dollars since July 6, 2018, the imposition of tariff measures, as well as about 16 billion U.S. dollar goods to levy tariffs began to solicit public opinion. In the face of the United States attitude of 180° change, China immediately take measures, in accordance with the "People's Republic of China Foreign Trade Law", "the People's Republic of China Import and export customs regulations" and other laws and regulations and Basic Law, with the approval of the State Council, the State Council,

In the United States of America's 659 imports of about 50 billion U.S. dollars to levy a 25% tariff, including agricultural products, automobiles, aquatic products and other 545 items of about 34 billion U.S. dollars since July 6, 2018, the imposition of tariffs on the remaining goods imposed tariffs on the implementation of the time to be announced separately.

A new round of trade wars began to unfold.

Seventh round: July 6, 2018 00:01 (Beijing time 6th 12:01), the United States began to the first list of 818 categories, the value of 34 billion U.S. dollars in Chinese goods to levy a 25% import tariffs.

In retaliation, China also imposed a 25% import tariff on the same size of U.S. products on the same day. Faced with such a grim situation of Sino-US trade war, many foreign trade enterprises are on tenterhooks. But the US side has no intention of not to stop the trade war.

July 10, 2018, the U.S. government issued a tariff on China's 200 billion U.S. dollar products levy 10% tariff, mainly for China's manufacturing 2025 of the plan, including chemicals, textiles, food, clothing and handbags. The "war" involved a wide range of issues related to the livelihood of the two peoples. In the face of tariffs of 200 billion, how will China respond? It is unclear whether Trump will also impose tariffs on Chinese goods, whether China will retaliate in the same way, or to take other measures to ease tensions between the two countries.

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