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Precautions For FBA Warehousing And Withdrawing Warehouse
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Jul 18, 2018

Most Amazon sellers are using FBA shipments in order to get more traffic and weights.

Although FBA delivery can bring many benefits to the sellers, but in the use of FBA shipping process also has a lot of attention to the details, if not grasp or operation errors, it may cause unnecessary cost loss, and even seriously affect the weight of the store.

Specifically, FBA inventory warehousing shelves and the process, there are several aspects of the following matters need our attention: first, the products in the warehousing needs attention

1, the number of units shipped FBA products

In the process of publishing the product, there will be an option "Package Quantity", which means in the sale of products, a package of how many products, but it is not recommended to fill out, or fill in 1. For example, there are 5 products in a package, if you fill out 5 in the "Package Quantity", when the customer fills in the purchase quantity of 5, the seller chooses to send 5 products or 25 products?

At this point the understanding is very easy to produce deviations, in order to reduce unnecessary disputes and bad comments, this option does not fill in or fill 1 more cautious. And once completed here, it can not be modified. Once the error is filled out here, the solution is only to delete the listing, remove the warehouse for the target, again shelves. Therefore, sellers must be careful here.


2, the product label of FBA shipment Amazon warehousing requirements products outside the box to be affixed with national and FBA label labels, the outer box and each product should be labeled "MADE in China" label, a single product to be affixed to the product SKU label.

Also, if the product is overweight, it needs to be labeled overweight.

3, FBA warehousing single Box weight Amazon regulations, in the United States as a parcel, including a number of items, according to the requirements can not exceed 50 pounds. If the individual goods exceed 50 pounds, it is necessary to indicate "team lift" on the side of the top of the box.

If the individual goods exceed 100 pounds, it is necessary to indicate "mechanical lift" on the side of the top of the box.

Or try to control the weight of the product single box overweight, because for overweight goods, there may be temporary side, may be delayed shelves.

Second, the problem needing attention in the product withdraws the storehouse

The Amazon system gives three options when the seller is in the process of withdrawing:

1, send to an address (ship-to addresses)

2. Discard (Dispose)

3, liquidation of the cash (liquidate) If the product inventory is more, and the value of the goods is higher, we recommend that the first treatment, add a good removal of the address, create a remove order. Amazon usually sends an address to fill out 10-14 days after a removal order is created.

Of course, when the FBA warehouse is busy, the processing time will become longer. If the product inventory quantity is small, and the value of the goods is low, feel that the withdrawal is not cost-effective, even if the removal is not, but these goods placed in the FBA warehouse will automatically produce FBA storage fees, for such products, sellers can directly choose the second option-discarded.

If you choose to discard, the seller does not need to fill out the removal address, only need to check the corresponding product and quantity, create a remove order. The third option for unwinding is Amazon's new service, which can be simply understood as a loss of money for Amazon to dispose of. It should be noted that this program is for the sale of goods available in stock, and only for Amazon selected parts of the product, not all products are applicable.

At the same time, Amazon does not give these products too high compensation. For the first two ways, Amazon will charge a certain amount of processing costs, and liquidation of the way is free, once you can operate, Amazon will not charge other processing costs.

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