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New Shipments On The Customs System Consolidation
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Sep 02, 2016

Name when there is no specification to declare all goods declarations are required to declare brand, model, specification, for example swisse Cranberry capsules 30 capsules do not appear milk powder, health products such a vague declaration, will be back again to declare. Second, due to the low declared value of goods since on June 1 with the new system, where the customs value of goods in customs, whose declared value is higher than the dutiable value between 1/2 and twice times, System Board itself according to the duty-paid price tax. Three, more or less the excess is a serious problem at present, most of the customer Declaration and arrived at the clearance Center site does not match the number of pieces, or the actual number of shipment less, or more, customs several times to put forward rectification opinions, hopes customers urged overseas partners shipped inventory and check of the quantity of the goods.

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