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Necessary!It's Hard To Say No To Warehousing In Peak Season.
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Dec 26, 2018

In the second half of each year, many sellers enter the stage of goods preparation in the sales season. For the upcoming Halloween, black Friday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other goods preparation, because the sales of this period of time almost accounts for 2/3 of the total share of the year, the sellers with poor profits in the first half of the year hope to take this season to do a good job and earn money efficiently!Because of this, the competition of amazon holiday season is increasingly fierce. Facing such a situation, what should sellers do to stand out in the vast e-commerce army?

This has to mention cross-border sellers "heart" - "burst" problem.Before the peak season of each year, the warehousing of goods is a problem that amazon sellers must experience. The long waiting time for warehousing often affects the sales volume of sellers.Due to the sharp increase in the quantity of logistics goods in the peak season, the goods have to face queuing in the first process of booking positions, port clearance, port unloading and warehousing of amazon FBA warehouse. In addition, the peak season happens to be the winter and holidays of European and American countries, and the poor weather conditions and unstable working hours of workers will lead to the delay of warehousing of products.

In view of the peak season goods warehousing, sellers should do?

First of all, we should make a plan to prepare goods in advance.It is recommended that sellers start analyzing peak season sales data and making inventory plans after Prime Day.In this way, sellers will have enough time to arrange the factory order, reserve the inspection, quality inspection, logistics booking space, customs clearance and second transportation time.In addition, the earlier arrival of goods will greatly reduce the queuing time of amazon sellers' goods in FBA warehouse.

It is recommended that sellers give priority to preparing high-quality Listing of goods, so as to ensure that the inventory of your high-quality Listing in the peak season is 3-4 times that of normal times. In this way, even if you arrange warehouse in the peak season, you can also ensure that you have sufficient inventory to turn over.

However, with the implementation of amazon's new inventory rules this year, sellers have to face the problem of high storage fees caused by large amount of inventory in advance.Cross-border merchants may wish to advance the shipment of goods in the peak season to jinhongya overseas warehouse for storage. The storage cost of the overseas warehouse is much cheaper than that of amazon FBA warehouse. When warehousing in the peak season is needed, goods can be directly shipped from the overseas warehouse.Overseas warehouse transshipment goods, using the United States mainland express delivery, maximize the speed of cargo warehousing.Completely get rid of the peak season stock up, the situation of slow, long delivery time, warehousing difficult predicament.

Secondly, in the peak season, to find a more reliable international logistics service providers, to ensure that the timeliness of priority, price second.When busy season, the price can have lesser range rise commonly, and this time limitation is particularly important, the price does not go too much tangle.FBA first voyage transportation, mason express is a good choice, in terms of time limit, it is much faster than ordinary sea transportation, while in terms of price, it is much cheaper than air transportation with similar time limit.Sellers should communicate their peak season stocking strategies with selected international logistics service providers in advance, so that logistics suppliers can understand the seller's stocking plan, and is conducive to arranging logistics positions for sellers in advance, avoiding unnecessary warehouse scheduling and waiting time.

Finally, if the "out-of-stock" situation is too serious, sellers can also choose to participate in amazon's SFP plan. The detailed content of this project is described in detail in the previous article.The seller stores the goods directly in the overseas warehouse and sends them directly from the overseas warehouse when customers place orders.It is also delivered by express delivery in the United States, and there is no significant gap between the delivery time and FBA delivery.While reducing the cost, it also ensures the shopping experience of customers.

Effort is high season, do not work hard is slack season.Q4 busy season is in fervent undertake, hope everybody sells the people gritted one's teeth, continue "effort"!

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