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Maersk Maersk Has Joined Forces With Five Major Shipping Companies To Set Up An Association To Counter Cosco's GSBN Alliance
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Cosco shipping, led by cosco shipping, has built the first blockchain alliance GSBN in the shipping industry together with 9 port and shipping enterprises, including dubai global port group, hutchison port group, PSA international port group, Shanghai port group, France cma group, evergreen shipping, oocl, yangming shipping and Cargo Smart, a software solution provider.

In a bid to counter cosco's GSBN alliance, maersk teamed up with five container shipping companies -- cma, herberot, Mediterranean shipping and ONE -- to set up associations aimed at paving the way for digitisation, information technology standardization and interoperability in the container shipping industry.

Cosco shipping and maersk scrambling to establish similar association or union, on the surface is in LaShanTou, but analysis of the personage inside course of study thinks, the respective strategic reserves for himself in, because in the vertical industry standards in the field of early movers, netting resources (the amount of shipping companies and port operators, after all, limited), can appear very meaningful.

One of the more interesting details of the industry's standard scramble for the top of the mountain is that France dafei has two feet on both sides of the same boat.

I don't know if it is because COSCO shipping and Ocean Alliance Alliance are embarrassed to refuse COSCO's invitation, or do you want to have your cake and eat it too?

IT executives at five container shipping companies are discussing the creation of a common information technology standard that plans to be made freely available to all stakeholders in the container shipping industry.

The adoption of a common set of it standards by container shipping companies would be in the best interests of customers and all stakeholders.The time is ripe, as emerging technologies create more customer-friendly opportunities.Compared with working in a closed environment, seeking to provide customers with technological breakthroughs and services together has been widely recognized.

Although the shipping industry already has multiple organizations and associations, the members of the association established by the plan all agree that a neutral and non-profit organization is needed to benefit shipping companies, the shipping industry and all stakeholders.The association has no intention of developing or operating any digital platform, but aims to ensure industry interoperability through standardization of information technology.Similarly, the association does not discuss any business or operational matters.

On the plan: to establish a neutral and non-profit association to pave the way for digitization and standardization of information technology in the shipping industry.Once the association is established, all shipping companies can join and use maersk, dafoe, herberot, Mediterranean shipping and ocean network shipping, which hopes to become a member of the association and operate in 2019 (subject to the approval of relevant regulatory authorities). The association will comply with all laws and regulatory requirements.

Adam Banks, chief technology information officer of maersk, said: "maersk is committed to becoming a comprehensive container shipping logistics company, providing customers with convenient, end-to-end services and seamless customer experience. Digitalization is the key to our strategy.As the container shipping industry becomes more digital, a common set of technical standards will ensure interoperability and enable parties to focus on delivering value-added services.Ultimately, this will benefit all parties involved in the customer supply chain.

Rajesh Krishnamurthy, executive vice President of technology and transformation at dafei, said: "dafei has been looking for best practices and standards to support the company's innovation and digital strategy.As founding members, we can work together to create digital standards across the industry.

Martin Gnass, executive director of information technology at herberot, said: "herberot welcomes the association because we believe that the challenges of the future can only be solved by working together.As shipping companies, we still compete with each other in the market, but together we will shape the future of the shipping industry.

Andre Simha, chief information officer of Mediterranean shipping, said: "MSC believes that shipping companies have reached a tipping point where they need to find common, open and achievable things within the framework of neutral and non-profit associations."By working together on standardised solutions, we see this as the best way to respond to shippers' demand for technology and innovation to shape the future of the shipping industry.

Noriaki Yamaga, executive director of innovation at ONE, said: "in recent years, ocean network shipping has seen a wave of innovative technology development in the shipping logistics industry, which brings good opportunities for the digital transformation of the entire industry.But at the same time, we are cautious about adopting new technologies from some companies, because there are no universal standards in the market, which may eventually lead to reintegration of the work done by all stakeholders in the supply chain.

With this in mind, we believe that it is necessary for shipping companies to discuss and cooperate on new technologies and innovations in order to establish common information technology standards and governance systems in the industry and simplify and digitize shipping processes in a modern manner.We believe this collaboration will provide our customers and logistics companies with more value and opportunities to lead the shipping and logistics industry to a new ecosystem of digital supply chains.

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