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LA, GE Launch ‘smart’ Terminal To Better Handle Surges
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: May 17, 2017

The Port of Los Angeles and GE Transportation on Tuesday launched their joint portal pilot project, which, if it proves to be successful, will harness big data so all members of the transportation supply chain can prepare one to two weeks in advance what their equipment and labor needs will be when the containers arrive at US ports. 


The pilot project, which is expected to produce initial performance results in July, includes some of the biggest stakeholders at the largest US port: APM Terminals, Maersk Line, Mediterranean Shipping Co., and national retailers such as Home Depot and Lowe’s. If successful, the portal will improve shipment efficiency and potentially save participants millions of dollars in supply chain costs, based upon GE Transportation’s experience.

   Los Angeles and GE Transportation in November began working on development of a platform designed to provide supply chain participants with a secure environment in which they can share data on shipments leaving overseas ports. “By working together to share data in a secure and controlled environment, we have already seen the potential for tremendous benefits for importers, truckers, shipping lines, terminals, chassis providers, and the entire supply chain,” said Gene Seroka, executive director of the Port of Los  Angeles.

  GE Transportation was chosen to help the port establish the information portal based upon its work the past couple of years in developing a similar platform for General Electric. With about 400 plants around the world, General Electric experienced supply-chain inefficiencies because plants and vendors and GE itself were unable to share data. GE Transportation created a single platform for all of its global partners and vendors, with the result being an annual savings of about $40 million in supply chain costs, Jennifer Schopfer, executive director, customer performance analytics, told the JOC’s TPM conference in Long Beach in March.

  By sharing data on shipments in a secure environment, beneficial cargo owners can begin planning their trucking needs up to two weeks before a shipment from Asia reaches the Port of Los Angeles. Terminal operators can plan their labor and cargo-handling equipment needs, and intermodal equipment providers can ensure sufficient chassis availability. The pilot project will test the effectiveness of the platform at a single terminal in Los Angeles. Based on that experience, GE Transportation intends to launch a similar pilot later this year at the Port of Long Beach.
  The goal is to eventually make such portals port-wide in scope and to implement similar portals at other ports. “Our work with the Port of Los Angeles has the potential to transform how ports across the country, and even the world, operate, driving productivity from ship to shore and from the terminal to the customer,” said Jamie Miller, GE Transportation president and CEO.

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