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International Public Opinion Concerns Whether The Sino-us Trade Consensus Truce Can Become A Truce?
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Dec 24, 2018

After the heads of state of China and the United States have reached consensus, it is now the turn of negotiators from the economic and trade departments of the two sides.After the world was cheered by the "truce" in sino-us trade, the big question was: how would the next three months of negotiations proceed?Who is the main negotiator between the two sides?US President Donald trump tweeted Thursday that us trade representative mark lighthizer will work with Treasury secretary Robert mnuchin, White House economic adviser David kudrow, commerce secretary Ross Ross and White House trade adviser navarro to see if a "real deal" can be reached with China.A day earlier, navarro had told the media that Mr. Lighthizer was the lead figure on the American team.He is known as a China hawk. Does that mean the trump administration will get tougher in the coming negotiations?

American think-tank center for strategic and international studies, a senior vice President, Matthew Goode man 3, accept the global times reporter in an interview, "truce" sino-us trade is a good thing, if the United States will be a high tariff policy stick, can bring more deeper pain, for the global economy to global economic growth next year.

The main focus now is on the negotiations that will follow.Earlier Wednesday, kudrow told reporters that a 90-day "truce" would begin January 1, the Capitol hill newspaper said.But the White House on Wednesday night released a transcript of kudrow's conversation with the media, the former said the date changed to December 1.Trump also confirmed Thursday that the negotiations will begin Dec. 1.

Japan's jiji news agency reported Thursday that it was optimistic about the outcome of the talks between China and the United States. It said the talks are needed by both sides, and that as long as both sides coordinate their needs and find a compromise point, the negotiations will be successful.Negotiators will try to reach a more comprehensive consensus that is more conducive to the stability of bilateral relations in a short period of time, the Russian satellite network said Thursday, citing experts."Can a truce become a truce?A 90-day period is a long time to talk and a short time to talk. After all, there are many thorny issues to be solved, including trade balance and intellectual property rights, German news television said Thursday.The outcome of the u.s.-china trade talks will be a stabilizer for the global economy.

China is taking action in areas of intellectual property protection that are of concern to the United States, AFP reported Thursday.Thirty-eight departments, including the national development and reform commission, issued a policy document on Monday, which will impose tougher penalties for serious dishonesty in intellectual property, such as restricting the purchase of real estate.China will regularly publish a list of major dishonest actors in this field.

Matthew goodman said he put the chances of an eventual "armistice" between China and the United States at 50 percent.But those 90 days will determine which way forward.It is not ruled out that both sides extend the buffer period after the end of the truce.

Moscow university expert karnev believes that a fundamental question remains to be resolved behind the sino-us relationship -- how much the us will accept China's rise and whether it will try to contain it in the future.Germany's suddeutsche zeitung newspaper agreed Thursday that trade balance is not the real core of the dispute.

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