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In Amazon,whats The Most Problem In The Operating Process?
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Nov 25, 2016

In Amazon,whats the most problem  in the operating process?

In Amazon,whats the most problem  in the operating process?The goods backlog, can not sell?

The backlog of goods were banned? Account was closed ,influenced the product sale? The goods in the amazon warehouse rent, also can produce expensive. How to solve these problems?  If in the United States have their own overseas warehouse, these difficult problems can be solved?

Self-built overseas warehouse cost is high, in the face of such a high storage cost and logistics costs, amazon sellers how to do? So find senior third-party warehouse overseas is a good suggestion.

So, which overseas warehouse can get FBA amazon's first leg support, and get the favour of the seller?

1.Provide one-stop FCL, spell ark service, safe shipping the goods to the United States FBA.

2.Cooperate with amazon specifying the truck company, the freight is more favorable, would reduce transportation costs.

3.Convenient FBA air transport service in the United States.

4.Strong American warehouse, provide drop shipping service, along with the order to shipment.

5.Provide cargo, trays and other supporting value-added services.

6.Overseas warehouse directly provide fba return transfer.

Kinghood International Logistics Inc's warehouse in the United States set up abroad, to provide a series of supporting services, including warehousing, the product sorting, secondary packing of the goods, the order undertakes, FBA return label, transfer, as well as the back of sellers to deal with the amazon warehouse, etc. For merchants at the lowest logistics costs to solve amazon first routine matters, whether it is the import of American or shipped back to China.We can do,  the one-stop service is the best partner of overseas electricity in the United States.

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