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In 2019, If Your Cross-border E-commerce Wants To Take Things To The Next Level, Do So
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Dec 28, 2018

In recent years, foreign consumers have rapidly increased their online demand for high-quality, inexpensive, personalized, fashionable and brand-name goods in China.Look from the consumption patterns, along with the Internet technology and the rapid development of global business platform, mainly displays in the payment system is increasingly perfect, logistics time increase and the cost is reduced, the trade situation gradually from offline to online trade, more and more consumers seeking services, through cross-border e-commerce purchasing goods and cross-border electricity into the era of mass consumption globalization gradually.

In 2019, if you want to join the ranks of cross-border e-commerce, you need to make changes, optimize and upgrade around the following three points.

First, enhance brand awareness.

As cross-border e-commerce companies know, amazon has the strongest brand protection. Many sellers sell products on amazon under their own brands, so that the products you sell can enjoy brand protection.With the gradual growth of sales volume, consumers will also rely on the brand. Once the brand is established, sales volume will be further improved, which is a virtuous cycle of brand effect.

Sellers can not only rely on cross-border e-commerce platforms to improve brand awareness, but also do their own independent sites.Cross-border e-commerce independent station is the base of brand of foreign trade practitioners. It can establish a good brand image on the Internet. It can be said that independent station is the "business card" of foreign trade sellers on the Internet.

Second, improve product quality.

At the beginning of cross-border e-commerce, most sellers were in the stage of pure sales, and the quality of products was rough, which led to foreign consumers' disapproval of the quality of Chinese products, especially in the early years of cross-border e-commerce.The products are of mixed quality.With the continuous development of cross-border e-commerce industry, service awareness has been enhanced.Now the seller's product quality consciousness is also constantly improving, produce high-quality products, in order to occupy a place in the foreign market.In the future, sellers of cross-border e-commerce platforms will have to pass the quality test before they can develop faster and faster on the platform.

Third, strengthen localization of services.

Under the background of globalization, Chinese sellers are confronted with severe localization problems when entering the international market.Cross-border packages are difficult to track, slow to deliver and difficult to return, which have become bottlenecks restricting the development of cross-border e-commerce.

The emergence of overseas warehouses has effectively solved these barriers and found a good balance between timeliness and logistics costs.Overseas warehouses are shipped directly from the mainland, greatly reducing the delivery time.The final process is delivered by local express. Sellers can contact the staff of overseas warehouse to check the delivery status of goods, so as to realize the whole process tracking of packages.However, in cross-border e-commerce, return and replacement problems caused by consumers' dissatisfaction with goods or product damage are becoming more and more common.

When the return or replacement of goods occurs, the goods can be returned to the overseas warehouse, the overseas warehouse staff on behalf of the inspection of the goods, goods in good condition can be resold;Products that cannot be resold can also be returned to China as agents.Fully realized the localization of the service, and improved the shopping experience of the seller.

The rapid development of cross-border e-commerce has become a new highlight of economic development.Under the new normal of economy, cross-border e-commerce faces both opportunities and challenges.In order to better grasp the opportunity period of cross-border e-commerce development, in addition to the efforts of the e-commerce industry itself, it is also necessary to follow the trend of cross-border logistics development and vigorously cooperate with overseas warehouses.We will fully realize overseas and local delivery, respond quickly to orders, speed up commodity distribution and sales, and better integrate cross-border e-commerce into the overseas retail system.

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