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Imports And Exports In The Second Half Is Expected To Continue To Stabilize
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Sep 02, 2016

Analysis of domestic and international economic situation is still severe and complicated in the future, still many uncertain factors affecting China's foreign trade development. First, weak global demand conditions have not been improved, continued slow growth in the world economy. Second, the overall domestic economy running smoothly, but downward pressure continues to increase. Third, high business costs, some industry and orders to transfer. Survey shows 61% of companies believe that rising costs of labor, land, and other elements, a big pressure on the enterprise foreign trade development. Meanwhile, parts of the developing world is accelerating its integration into the world economy, some high-end manufacturing to the developed countries in back, which makes our exports face the double squeeze of developed and developing countries. In processing trade, for example, in June of this year China's processing trade imports, exports decline in 18 months and 16 months, respectively, import and export of processing trade imports and exports declined in the first half dragged down the overall decline of about 3%.

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