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Important!International Express Season Plus Surcharge, Cross-border Sellers How To Deal With Wit
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Jan 04, 2019

The annual business season is approaching.While Chinese express companies are "recruiting", international express companies have issued a notice to charge extra fees in the peak season.

With the advent of many holidays, demand for air transport is soaring.UPS international express helps every customer to obtain the transportation functions that are urgently needed and in short supply, and provides timely and anticipated services.In the peak season when cargo volume is growing rapidly, UPS will flexibly adjust its transportation network to meet customer needs.In order to balance the additional investment made in providing quality services during this critical period, UPS implemented the peak season surcharge.

The peak season surcharge is based on the rate per kilogram per destination for a specified period of time.This charge is in addition to all current rates, charges, surcharges and charges.UPS international express has been charging peak season surcharge for goods exported from China to the United States and the americas since September 17, 2017.In 2018, UPS also issued a notice of adding surcharge to peak season.

The surcharge on international express delivery will lead to the increase of freight cost for cross-border e-commerce companies. How should sellers deal with this dilemma?

1. Prepare goods in advance.

UPS increases the price in peak season. A good way to solve this problem is to prepare goods in advance and ship the goods to amazon warehouse before the price rises.Merchants can place orders with factories one or two months earlier than their counterparts. During peak season, factory orders surge, which will more or less affect product quality and production speed.Unstable product quality will lead to a decline in customer satisfaction with the purchase;The slowdown in production speed will directly affect the stock plan, or even catch up with the peak season stock, the impact on sales is self-evident.

Merchants can calculate the time well after the goods are ready, and transport the goods to amazon warehouse in advance, so that they can stagger the price rises in the peak season.However, it is not easy for amazon sellers to ship the goods to FBA warehouse too early, because the storage fee of FBA warehouse is also relatively expensive.It would be penny wise and pound foolish to lose the storage fee in order to save the express fee.The best solution is to transport the goods to jinhongya overseas warehouse after the goods are ready. When replenishment is needed in peak season, goods can be directly shipped from overseas warehouse for replenishment.The storage cost of overseas warehouse will be much cheaper than FBA warehouse, which can save a large part of the storage cost.

Two, choose the first way of transportation.

The same channel, to different regions, different weight segment, different delivery quantity, its advantages are different.In order to offset the increase in the delivery fee due to the surcharge on express delivery, sellers can choose the lower delivery fee.Businesses that are not in a hurry to prepare goods can adopt the mode of transportation by sea. After all, the cost of sea transportation is relatively low, which can save the freight for businesses to the greatest extent.If the seller's delivery date is urgent, it is recommended that the seller choose jinhongya's meisen express ship for the initial transportation.The shipping time of American express is much faster than that of ordinary sea transportation, which can be comparable with air transportation, but the cost is much lower than that of air transportation.For the time limit and freight are more concerned about the seller, mason express is a good choice.

Standardize the packaging of goods.

Packing is different, the way of loading will be different, and the price will be different.Different packaging, resulting in transport costs, may vary greatly.The material selection of the packing box should be appropriate. Fillers, bubble bags and tapes can be tested one by one to ensure that the products meet the packaging requirements of express delivery and amazon warehousing.Avoid the cost of large pieces, or because the product packaging is not qualified and the product refused to warehousing phenomenon.

All in all, to reduce the freight, reduce the total cost of logistics, all aspects of careful calculation is necessary.No matter be the plan of period of goods in stock, mode of transport, or packaging design, should consider.When every detail is completed, considerable logistics costs can be saved and profits can be increased.

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