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If You Do This, Your Amazon Account Will Be Blocked
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Jan 30, 2019

The Q4 busy season of the end of the year just passed, does each seller friend whether prepare sufficient goods, earned brushstroke greatly in busy season?

However, a few happy a few sad.Recently, many sellers reported that their products are operated and sold on multiple platforms, multiple stores and multiple accounts.Although the orders were sold out in the peak season, the goods were frequently oversold due to the Shared inventory, which resulted in the closure of the account.Peak season, the worst than the account hang up.

Seller common event reduction, as we all know, China accounts and operating platform, so sharing inventory, if each account receives the orders is not synchronized in time, this situation may arise: this account has been remaining in the warehouse inventory are sold out, other account don't know, continues orders, finally caused the oversold.When a buyer places an order and pays for it, and you tell them it's out of stock, there will be multiple buyers complaining about you at the same time.

So what can amazon sellers do to avoid overselling?

First of all, never underestimate the sales volume during the stocking period.

Sellers need to carefully analyze the preliminary data and growth of each product, and prepare the goods according to the different growth rules of the product.It is suggested that sellers focus on the products that account for 80% of the sales volume in the store and analyze their stocking plan.In normal times, the amount of stock in the peak season is two or three times as much as the regular sales.Of course, also need to be based on the sales in previous years, to careful analysis, so as not to cause unsalable because too much stock.

During the peak season, the factory orders too much, the production speed will be affected.In the meantime, storehouse also can burst storehouse, prepare goods can appear enter storehouse difficult phenomenon.Sellers need to plan ahead and place orders with factories as soon as possible.Of course, there are also many sellers who worry about stocking up too early, resulting in excessive FBA storage fees.It is recommended that sellers send the finished goods to kinghood overseas warehouse first, which can save most of the storage fee.When replenishment is needed to the amazon warehouse, it can be sent out from the overseas warehouse as soon as possible, which ensures the timeliness of stock preparation.

Secondly, timely update the cargo quantity information.

Each seller must pay attention to, multi-platform, multi-account sales is likely to be because of the number of goods information sharing is not timely, resulting in short supply and oversold.Therefore, the store background operators, must not be lazy.After seeing the store order, the quantity of saleable products should be modified in other stores in time to avoid overselling due to the negligence of operators.

Finally, the fastest replenishment.

The sellers should keep track of the quantity of goods in time, and choose the fastest mode of transportation when the inventory is insufficient to deliver the goods to the warehouse. If there is no accident, the goods can be replenished to the warehouse just before the stock is sold out.For some orders with high unit price and really urgent, we can use international express to replenish the goods.However, during the peak season, the profit of sellers is relatively meager, if the expenditure is not worth the loss.The best thing to do is to have it ready while it's in stock.Sellers can store more goods in kinghood overseas warehouse, and when replenishment is needed, the goods can be delivered directly from overseas warehouse to avoid the phenomenon that the goods are out of stock for a long time and buyers return the goods.

After the goods are out of stock, the seller can also change the account number into the self-delivery account number, and deliver the goods directly from the overseas warehouse to the customer.Also shipped in the United States, there is no impact on delivery time and customer experience.

In a word, the best way to solve the problem of overselling is to do a good job in stock analysis, stock up on goods, timely follow up the situation of goods, believe that the problem of overselling can be readily solved.

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