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How To Sell New Products When They Hit Shelves?
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Jan 09, 2019

How to promote new products is indeed the most difficult thing for new amazon sellers to know where to start.But the so-called "do not mistakenly cut wood workers", find the right direction to start, will be able to successfully reach the end.The same is true for amazon sellers to promote new products, so today I will share with you how to promote new products.

I. data analysis of competing products

The seller should first understand the market share and competitive environment of the new product on amazon platform, so as to choose the product that is not competitive and easy to sell.Find the entry point of your own products on amazon, and find the differences in functions, appearance design, cost performance and other factors.In the product sale, achieves raises the strong point avoids the weak point, knows oneself knows the enemy.

Ii. New product copy planning

The new product copywriter should plan the Title, Bullet Point, Description, Search Term and picture content.

1. Pay attention to the descending weight from left to right in the writing of Title, with the core keywords in the first place, the brand in the second place, and the selling points in the second place.Control the number of characters in 80-120, you can refer to the title of similar products to extract keywords, and finally determine their own title writing.

2. Set Search Term. Sellers can get keywords through platform Search engine, title of similar products and Review.

3. Bullet Point and Description should clearly describe the functions and selling points of the product, with the focus on attracting customers, grasping requirements, presenting a comprehensive and concise page.

4. The background of the main picture of the product must be pure white, and the product occupies about 85% of the space of the picture.It should be attractive enough to fully display the selling points of the product, and the detail drawing should be used to solve customers' many doubts about the product.

Three, do a good job in the station advertising

Do new product promotion, station advertising is a very important link.For a novice sellers, competition for the keywords and bids, and the compatibility of their products have no clear concept, in order to avoid burning meaningless advertisement cost, suggest to do automatic advertisement, sorting out data, see first hits and exposure, and then look at the conversion, if the hit rate and exposure, shows you the Listing of keywords layout is OK, if there is exposure without clicking, explain your keyword layout is unreasonable, you also need to modify again.

Iv. External drainage

It is also a good way to promote new products by using Facebook, YouTube and finding celebrities on various platforms to help promote their products.The redman effect can achieve the purpose of drainage and bring great exposure to new products, thus guiding consumers to buy.

V. lower price sales

The price of new products in the early stage is generally not recommended to be too high, except for FBA freight, platform commission, and initial freight, etc., the profit can be controlled within the appropriate range.Generally, after Listing accumulates certain Review and ranking improvement, the price can be increased by 1~2 usd in a spiral manner.

Vi. FBA delivery quantity

The specific delivery quantity of FBA shall be determined by combining with preliminary data research and product cost. 30-50 FBA products can be sent to amazon warehouse for trial sale.If it sells well, for example, there will be one or two orders per day after it hits the shelves. In this case, it is necessary to consider stock preparation.At this time, sellers should pay attention not to send too many products to the amazon warehouse at one time, once the unsalable storage fee will be a big expense.Sellers can send part of the goods to FBA warehouse, and store the rest of the products in jinhongya overseas warehouse. When the goods in FBA warehouse are not enough, they can timely replenish the goods from overseas warehouse.That way, sellers won't have to worry about the high storage fees caused by unmarketable goods.

Of course, if the goods after the sale is not good, the phenomenon of poor sales, also do not have to worry too much.Sellers can shop on multiple platforms and notify sellers on eBay, wish, aliexpress and other platforms.If you have an order, you can send one piece directly from the overseas warehouse.

In the process of creating a new amazon product, we should make a good marketing plan in the early stage.Grasp the rhythm of time at each key point, precise promotion, precise layout, I believe that the new products will soon grow into hot style products.

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