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How To Secure The Account In Amazon Operation
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Sep 17, 2018

Among many cross-border e-commerce platforms, amazon is popular among Chinese sellers.For every amazon seller, it is very important to ensure the long-term stability and sustained growth of the operation.So what can amazon sellers do to keep their accounts safe?Mastering the following six points is key.

Stay away from infringing products

As we all know, the protection of intellectual property rights in European and American countries is quite strict. Therefore, on the amazon platform, if the seller is accused of infringement, he/she will take off the product and close the account and store.In the operation process, it is easier to touch the line is to follow the sale.Trademark infringement caused by the follow up sale is the most important factor leading to the limitation of account number. If you want to ensure your long-term stable operation, you must stay away from follow up sale.How do you avoid contact?

(1) stay away from big brands. If you want to make brand products, you must obtain authorization

(2) search and search the trademark and other information of the product they want to sell, and then put the product on the shelf on the premise that there is no possibility of infringement

(3) do not copy the pictures of other stores, and do not use the distorted words, simultaneous words and derivative words of other products.In the absence of authorization, these are likely to be judged as infringements

(4) avoid sensitive words

Avoid selling fake products

If an amazon seller sells a fake product, it will immediately investigate if it is found and close the store once it is confirmed.

Iii. Prepare multiple accounts to prevent risks in operation

As third-party sellers, no matter how careful we are, there is no way to ensure the 100 percent security of the account. For sellers operating on a single account, they are always at high risk.If a team only has one account, once the account is removed, it will consume a large amount of primitive accumulation, and may directly consume all the funds.

In order to avoid this situation, the seller in the first account has the stable revenue at the same time, it should be ready for the second and the third account, different accounts with different responsibility, big account to create profits for the company, in the account to share part of the company's operating costs, small accounts as a substitute, such layout can reduce the risk to a minimum.

Iv. Account correlation prevention

With multiple accounts, you need to prevent the correlation between each other's accounts.To ensure fair competition for sellers and improve buyers' shopping experience, amazon rules that the same identity is not allowed to have multiple accounts on the same site."Association" refers to that amazon obtains information related to sellers through technical means, and determines that multiple store accounts belong to the same seller through matching factors such as phone number, email address, collection account, address, product information and network IP.

As a result,

(1) never operate multiple accounts on the same computer.

(2) do not operate multiple accounts in one outbound IP, and make sure that IP routing and network card are brand new.

(3) do not use the same account to register the account, and the account information of multiple accounts should be different.

(4) the page similarity of the same product on different accounts should not be too high, especially the picture, title and description of the product.The skus can't be the same in different stores.

(5) when operating multiple accounts, do not handle the delivery at the same time for A long time, and do not log in the email of account B on the mobile terminal bound to account A.

(6) the login user name and password of multiple accounts cannot be set to the same.

5. Ensure the safe operation of the account

Performance indicators such as delivery time will also attract the attention of amazon. If performance score is too low, it may also lead to store closure.Therefore, we must timely reply to the customer consultation, pay attention to the customer Feedback score and delivery time.

Don't manipulate Review

The use of professional Reviewer is widespread, and accounts are often audited.In such cases, however, a first violation can usually be applied to return to normal.But still want to attract the high attention of the seller, do not have luck psychology.

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