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How Do EBay Sellers Turn Around In The Busy Season
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Dec 19, 2018

To sell on eBay, you need to figure out what to sell and how to sell.You need to find good products: good prices, great market potential, ample supply.Then present it to the buyer in the most fashionable and popular way.Can you "play for money" on eBay by doing just that?Obviously not. High transportation costs are still a pain point for sellers.What can sellers do to increase sales and reduce costs?Today, small make up to recommend a good way to kill many birds with one stone!

For buyers, if they complete a satisfactory shopping experience on a certain platform or store, it is easy for them to rely on the store and brand. If they ship goods directly from the local market, they can have the same spatial and temporal advantages as local merchants.Therefore, an American warehouse located in the United States is essential for a company that wants to expand its business in the United States.The use of overseas warehouses can not only greatly improve the shopping experience of buyers, but also conform to the development of cross-border e-commerce market.In addition, buyers with a good shopping experience, will greatly enhance the store's praise.Because ebay platform does not provide sellers with overseas warehouse services.Therefore, it is particularly important for ebay sellers to seek an overseas warehouse cooperation.

What are the advantages of an overseas warehouse for ebay sellers?

1. Improve the purchasing confidence of overseas customers, bring higher commodity price and sales conversion.For similar products, the sales volume of goods shipped from overseas warehouses is 3-4 times that of goods directly shipped from China.From the perspective of the buyer, it takes 14 days for the same product to arrive within 5 days. Although the price is different, the buyer will choose the more expensive product.Or it is local shipment, rapid arrival of goods and convenient after-sales return and replacement service, I believe it is the only choice for buyers.

2. Deliver goods overseas in bulk to effectively reduce logistics costs.The centralized shipping mode adopted by overseas warehouses has greatly reduced the average freight cost of a single commodity.Merchants can ship goods to jinhongya overseas warehouse in bulk by sea, and the storage cost of overseas warehouse is relatively low.When a customer places an order to buy, the overseas warehouse staff can carry out a consignment operation.Minimized logistics and warehousing costs.If the sellers also have requirements on the timeliness of replenishment, they can take the meisen express ship of our company. The shipping time is twice as fast as the ordinary shipping time, but the price is much cheaper than the air transport with similar timeliness.

3. Shorten the delivery cycle, improve the efficiency and improve the competitiveness of local sales.The United States delivers goods, receive order on the same day, can send out from the warehouse on the same day, send to the buyer hand with the fastest speed, have the same competitiveness as local seller.At the same time, local warehouse delivery, reduce the number of transshipment, transport will be more secure.

4. Improve account performance and increase product exposure.Local delivery improves the shopping experience of buyers, and good buyer feedback is conducive to improving the performance of sellers' accounts.And then increase the exposure of the product.Using overseas warehouses can achieve a virtuous cycle of increasing sales.

5. Increased sales of goods and increased product profits.The centralized transportation mode adopted by overseas warehouse breaks through the limitation of the traditional mode on the weight, volume and price of commodities, and is more conducive to the expansion of sales categories.

6. Effectively reduce order response time and improve the timeliness of logistics distribution.WMS management system of overseas warehouse can realize real-time monitoring of goods.More efficient management of goods can effectively reduce order response time and make logistics more efficient.

7. Quick return and exchange of goods to improve customer satisfaction.An overseas warehouse that can provide return and exchange services can not only reduce the loss of sellers, but more importantly, it can bring better service experience to customers, strengthen customer satisfaction with the store, which is conducive to the long-term development of the store.

For ebay e-commerce companies, in order to pursue more stable, faster and better development, the choice of overseas warehouse has become an inevitable trend.Sellers how to use overseas storehouse to hold market good opportunity, in busy season dozen a hua lili turn over one's old guard, want each seller to think according to oneself actual circumstance decided.

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