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How Do Amazon Sellers Have Repeat Customers?99% Don't Know
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Dec 05, 2018

The most successful part of amazon is that it knows how to attract customers and how to retain them as loyal customers. Amazon's ordering province plan is a good example.

Subscribe to a provincial plan, Subscribe&Save or S&S for short.Simply put, it is the function of "order & save money". This section is one of the most innovative aspects of amazon. Buyers regularly order products sold by sellers on amazon platform, which can bring regular and stable traffic and orders for sellers.If the product is good enough, it can occupy the top of the order quantity for a long time, and the competitors can only hope to catch up with it.Long-term stability also helps sellers turn over capital.

Buyers who participate in the province of purchase plan can choose the goods, quantity and delivery frequency.The cycle that orders regularly can optional 1-6 months, and free mail is mailed inside American territory, its price is the 9.5 percent discount of price of common order means commonly, can save 5%.If the buyer receives five or more orders within a specified month, he or she will be entitled to a 10% or 15% discount on each order, depending on the category.After ordering S&S, the seller shall make regular delivery according to the customer's order cycle.For example, after ordering a certain food for 1 period, the seller must send the food once a month.

S&S subscription service is not something that buyers and sellers amazon win-win, buyers exempt postage on a regular basis with preferential price received some kind of daily used goods, both to save money and save trouble, don't every time to use it to buy again, before the goods according to set the amount of delivered regularly, and amazon sellers to gain a lot of long-term customers, so this kind of subscription service are very popular.

There are also certain eligibility requirements for participating in amazon order province program, including sales history, seller performance indicators and other factors.To participate in the program, amazon logistics account must meet the following requirements: first, good reputation;Secondly, the feedback score shall not be lower than 4.7;Third, it has used amazon logistics to sell goods for three months or more.

Seller performance reviews are a continuous process designed to ensure amazon buyers have a quality customer experience.Sellers will be notified of performance issues with respect to any specific "ordering province".Poor performance indicators may result in the suspension of sales of province of purchase products or the disqualification of sellers from participating in province of purchase programs.However, the performance review of the order province program will not affect the normal access of seller amazon's order province program sales account.

For products that meet the requirements, amazon will apply the "order saving" discount for the price of the goods on the day of placing the order.The discount can be up to 15%, depending on the total amount of goods ordered and the category of goods to which the goods belong.The discount is applied to the sale price set by the seller when he or she offers to order the item and is deducted from the proceeds.Amazon logistics is responsible for pickup, packaging and distribution of "order saving" orders.

Ordering province plans require goods to be delivered through amazon logistics, and sellers must keep the percentage of inventory at least 85 percent.This puts a very high demand on the inventory of sellers, who should not only ensure adequate inventory, but also take into account the storage cost of amazon warehouse.Therefore, it is recommended that sellers use jinhongya overseas warehouse to help store goods.The seller can ship the goods in bulk to the overseas warehouse for storage. The storage cost of the overseas warehouse is much lower than that of amazon warehouse.When the inventory of amazon warehouse is not enough, it can quickly transfer goods from overseas warehouse to replenish goods, which not only meets the requirements of the order saving plan for the percentage of inventory, but also can save the warehousing costs for sellers to the greatest extent.This is a favorable project for amazon. Sellers who are suitable to participate in it can give it a try. Please contact our company for details about which categories you can participate in.

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