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How Can Independent Sellers Increase Sales?These Lessons From Amazon Are Worth Learning
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Most cross-border e-commerce companies have begun to choose to build their own independent stations to promote and sell products. After all, independent stations have absolute autonomy, which is more conducive to the establishment of brands, stable and sustainable development in the later stage, and to some extent, lower costs, so that they can operate more comfortably.However, in the early stage of independent station operation, due to lack of experience, merchants will more or less be impacted by large e-commerce platforms, such as amazon platform.In fact, merchants may wish to learn experience on the way of amazon platform operation, to promote the sales of self-built websites.Here are five strategies worth learning from independent sellers.

First, hit the consumer pain point

Many people like the convenience brought by e-commerce, but it also has a unique set of pain points:

1. Freight cost.After all, sellers have to bear the high freight cost of transporting goods across the border. If the cost cannot be "combined" from profits, sellers will naturally let consumers bear it.But the lack of free shipping is a big reason why many consumers give up.

2. The transportation time is too slow.Many independent station merchants deliver goods from China after seeing orders. The time of cross-border transportation will seriously affect the shopping experience of consumers.

3, return and exchange difficulties.Most businesses require consumers to pay for a return or replacement, because international express does not accept returned domestic shipments.For a seller, a consumer's return is a direct reset of the value of the item.

As we all know, amazon solves the first two pain points by providing fast and free delivery to all Prime users thanks to the supporting services of FBA warehouse.In 2018, the newly launched free return service is even more convenient for consumers.Cross-border sellers can also look to amazon's success to find a home for their goods overseas.

The solution is overseas warehouses, where sellers can ship goods to kinghood overseas warehouses.Since it is a bulk shipment, the cost is naturally reduced.Profit comes out, for consumer bag postal also is not difficult problem.At the same time, the goods are delivered from overseas warehouses to the United States by local express delivery, which guarantees the timeliness.Overseas warehouses can also receive consumer returns, and sellers can let customers return goods directly to overseas warehouses.Products without damage can be resold on shelves;Those that cannot be sold again can be destroyed or returned to China by our company.

Ii. Personalized product recommendation

Amazon makes recommendations based on the purchase and browsing history of other consumers browsing the same product, the shopper's personal interest and shopping history.Even if they don't have a recommendation engine like amazon's, stand-alone merchants can use programmatic advertising to provide personalized product recommendations to each shopper.

Three, to provide a wish list or favorites function

Most consumers need to compare and contrast when they buy goods. When they see the goods they like, it is necessary to give them a simple way to record, so that they can more easily find the goods they are browsing when they return to the website.That, in turn, increases the likelihood of purchase.

Allow consumers to comment on products

Compared with various descriptions of goods, consumers are more willing to read the comments of other customers to judge whether the goods are worth buying.By providing user reviews on your site, you give your customers a chance to interact with each other about the products they're buying, and you gain direct user feedback that increases customer trust.

V. create a membership mechanism

One of the most notable things amazon has done over the years is develop the Prime membership program.Millions of people pay for Prime membership privileges in exchange for better delivery and more perks.Membership programs keep customers loyal and informed, and work well.Customers are more likely to become loyal customers when they feel they can make a return on their long-term purchases on your site.

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