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Forward This Amazon Koi To Help You React To Pending Orders
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Oct 25, 2018

The seller will enter the backstage of Amazon store every day, and will be very concerned about whether the buyer will place orders in the store today.Focus on the order quantity and status.The seller's order generally has four states: Pending, Premium unshipped, unshipped, and Return requests.I believe that many sellers are still ignorant of Pending Orders. Today, let me tell you about Pending Orders.

Pending Orders means: Pending Orders, short for Pending Orders.Also known as pending orders, pending orders, pending payment orders.Simply put, amazon hasn't received any money from buyers.So what are the reasons for generating Pending Orders?

1. The buyer may have paid the money, but amazon has not received the amount yet.After all, a buyer's bank card, or the means of payment, cannot all be the same, so the time and speed to process payments will vary.Or there may be a reason for the delay.

2, at the time of FBA shipment, also can produce some Pending Orders, some package mail FBA products with a certain amount, also some Prime senior members have mailed package is favorable, in short, the buyer has to enjoy free shipping, and generate an order, but unpaid, but continues to add another shop FBA products come in, is in a state of "goods", then the order will be in a Pending state.Only when the buyer has swept the goods and settled, the order status will be changed into the Unshipped state.

3. The buyer browses in different stores and takes all products delivered by FBA to generate an order.In general, amazon FBA will prepare the complete goods and then deliver them to the buyer.However, in fact, there is a shortage situation in the FBA warehouse of amazon. Some products are in stock, and some products are out of stock.As a result, FBA warehouse needs to be delivered by order, and only FBA products in stock are sent to buyers first, but this order is still Pending.But this is rare.

So how do I handle Pending Orders?

1. Waiting for the buyer to pay.Pending Orders will not appear in your order report or in the Pending order report when they appear.Pending Orders shows a grey status on the management screen, and sellers cannot cancel Orders or confirm shipments.The information of the buyer cannot be found.Therefore, sellers can not contact buyers actively.The best way to handle this is to wait for the buyer to pay.

2. If it is Pending, the buyer will contact the seller and say that the buyer has paid the money and asked the seller to deliver the goods, the seller must not agree.Even if the buyer urge the bill also not good, until the money arrives the account, with the payment arrives the account to be accurate.If the buyer continues to pester, the seller can advise the buyer to contact amazon for Pending Orders.

3. When the status of Pending Orders changes to Unshipped, the sellers can deliver the goods.However, the Time should be limited within the Handing Time set before uploading the product.Late shipment beyond this time will affect the seller's account metrics.

4. In general, there will be no large number of Pending Orders, when you have a large number of Pending Orders in your order.The seller needs to contact the account manager for specific reasons and how to handle them.One possibility is that amazon is reviewing the seller's order.

5. When Pending Orders frequently appear on the same product, it is recommended to return to the product itself.To optimize the Listing, start from the picture, title, keywords and other aspects of the Listing to optimize and adjust the Listing.

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