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FBM Sellers Also Have Access To Prime Grade Shipping
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Nov 23, 2018

If you are a seller of amazon, one of the most important decisions is whether you want to use FBA or FBM.FBA has many advantages.First, amazon is responsible for customer service and shipping, and using amazon FBA to deliver goods is more conducive to the customer experience.FBA sellers will also have a higher chance of getting the Buy Box, which is very favorable for product sales.

While FBM sellers can deliver the goods autonomously, which can guarantee the integrity and safety of their product packaging.Many products are not suitable for FBA. For example, large and heavy products are best delivered with FBM.So, if I want to ship FBM and I want to have Prime class delivery service, is this kind of seemingly unrestrained idea possible?Amazon's SFP plan could pay for your dreams

Because of FBA warehouse pressure increasing, in order to reduce the pressure of warehouse, amazon launched Seller Fulfilled Prime project, let the FBA sellers can also touch the Prime membership.Seller Fulfilled Prime, SFP for short.That is to join the SFP program, the place of shipment is American products, you can use amazon's logistics to do the final delivery.Amazon will give the seller a pre-paid logistics bill, which needs to be purchased from amazon, but this fee will be lower than the FBA fee, and the sellers can pack and paste the above order and deliver the goods.

What's good about to join the Seller Fulfilled Prime?

First, get the Prime logo.With a Prime logo, buyers are more likely to buy.Increasing the credibility of merchants also helps to increase sales.

Second, improve access to gold shopping carts.Products with the Prime logo have a greater ability to compete with Buy Box, as well as FBA sellers and amazon.With nearly 80% of customers choosing to Buy from the stores that own the Box on amazon shopping, the importance of the Box is clear.

Third, there is higher traffic.By adding SFP, goods are equivalent to FBA shipments.Amazon ranks FBA products higher on the list.Buyers are also more willing to click and buy.Therefore, the addition of SFP can bring higher traffic to FBM merchants and thus increase sales.

There are many advantages for sellers to join the SFP program. Meanwhile, amazon also proposes the following indicators for sellers to join the SFP:

1. The order is delivered by the logistics operator approved by amazon.Sellers must purchase at least 98 percent of their SFP order labels from a logistics operator approved by amazon.

2. The punctual delivery rate shall be above 96%, and at least 10 orders in the past 30 days shall be delivered within 1-2 days.

3. Punctual delivery rate of orders: the on-time delivery rate of all SFP orders of the seller shall be at least 99%.

4. Order cancellation rate: the order cancellation rate for all SFP orders shall not exceed 1%.

Amazon is doing this to improve the quality of its Prime service and keep customers loyal.Therefore, merchants who want to join the SFP should pay attention to checking their accounts in real time. Once the performance of the account fails to meet the above indicators, you will be disqualified to join the SFP. Therefore, only by maintaining good performance can you continue to enjoy the SFP project.

Last but not least, sellers should note that the premise of adding SFP is that the place of delivery of your goods must be in America.For most small and medium-sized sellers, those unable to operate their own warehouses in the United States can consider storing goods in third-party overseas warehouses, and the storage costs will be much cheaper than FBA warehouses.When the order is generated, the third party's overseas warehouse staff will assist in the preparation, packaging and delivery of the order.SFP project and the use of overseas warehouse, the realization of cost reduction and efficiency win-win!

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