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Export Formalities Which
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Sep 02, 2016

Export formalities which export trade facilitation from a lot of directions is divided into seven parts: quotation, order (contract), methods of payment, stock, shipping, packaging, customs clearance formalities. In quotes this part, will involves a trade way: FOB,CBF,CIF, on we late of delivery also will some effect; next is set goods, will has a contract, contract is general trade export need of file one of, here refers to of is export contract; payment way also is important, need in general trade export Customs single above reflected, payment way has three species, credit, TT payment way and directly payment way, this three species is we most common of; received Xia on to has factory stock link, In accordance with the requirements of foreign customers ready goods and packaging, next to the link, and when our Showtime when export shipping and customs clearance, which involves a lot of things, and also one of the most complex of the entire export trade facilitation process.

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