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Domain Name Is Not Good, Do Not Want To Do A Good Job Of Foreign Trade Independent Station
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Foreign trade website domain name is very important for the whole site, the choice of domain name is not simple.The most basic requirement of a good domain name is that it must be easy to remember.A good domain name can improve the ease of access to buyers, more easy to brand, so a foreign trade independent website domain name to take it?

First, the domain name must include the brand

Using the domain name consistent with the brand can make consumers more impressive and easier to settle the brand.What needs to be emphasized here is, when taking brand name, must abide by the principle of simple and easy to remember.Because easy to read and write brand names are easier to remember, people can find the brand more easily.Consumers can easily access the website by simply entering a name in the search engine or browser address bar.Of course, do not use pinyin or pinyin abbreviation as the domain name, after all, foreigners do not understand pinyin.

Including keywords in a domain name clearly lets potential visitors know what your site does, and we may need to display product categories and industries in the domain name in many cases.

Second, take the domain name to emphasize the art

The shorter the domain, the better

Short domain names are easy to remember, but not the pursuit of short, or easy to remember, many English words can be used in the form of abbreviations, the greatest possible to reduce the use of characters.Therefore, a meaningful domain name is more critical.

2, the domain name is best not to use the horizontal line

Add horizontal line in domain name, it is easy to be grabbed traffic on the one hand, it is to express the time is not convenient on the other hand.Some people register a domain name and find that a lot of easy to remember short domain names have been registered, so they put a line in the middle, it seems to solve the problem, but this kind of domain name effect is very bad.After all, symbols are easy to type incorrectly, such as - (concatenation number) and _ (underscore) are easy to confuse, and people who don't understand domain names are easy to type incorrectly and can't access websites.It is recommended that sellers opt for a longer one rather than include a middle line in the domain name.

3. The domain name should be easy to remember

Some websites have names that are hard to pronounce, and for the same reason, hard to remember.Likewise, Numbers are not recommended in domain names.On the one hand, Numbers make your website seem less formal and less memorable.On the other hand, it is not good for pronunciation. The longer the number, the longer the syllable.

Three, domain name to standardize

Domain name on behalf of the nature of the site, not optional, otherwise it will let customers misunderstanding.Some of the most common ones,.net,.org, edu, 99 percent of the most valuable sites on the Internet, which is also the most recognizable type of suffix.

Smaller languages can use local domain names such (China),.us (us),.sg (Singapore),.jp (Japan).

Fourth, regularly check whether there is a better domain name registration opportunities

That is to pay attention to your product category word or direct product word registration opportunities!This allows the flow of accurate positioning in a category of words.I believe that any potential customers will remember the domain name, there is a good chance that other domain name selection rules can be put aside.

A small domain name is actually a university to ask, today to share the independent site domain name registration content, you have learned?

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