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Do You Understand The Most Important Policy Of Operating Wish Store?
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Wish has always been a platform suitable for new sellers of cross-border e-commerce. The various properties of the platform are very simple, and new sellers can get started soon.All aspects of the platform are optimized around the word "simple", for the seller: do not need to write complex professional English title and description;Do not need to buy site traffic and no after sales and online customer service.And there is no need for buyers to search for products.See the product picture of the mobile terminal can be a click to purchase.

But the delivery efficiency of Wish's products has been a headache for sellers.This year, Wish also issued a delayed delivery penalty policy and delayed delivery rate caused by store closure policy.This is a wake-up call about the efficiency of merchants' delivery.

Wish's overseas warehouse is not as complete and popular as amazon's FBA overseas warehouse service.Therefore, many sellers choose to sell products in the form of spontaneous delivery, that is, customers place orders, and the goods are delivered from the domestic market to the end customers.However, Wish users also hope to receive orders in time, while the failure of merchants to fulfill orders in time not only harms users' shopping experience, but also affects the reputation of all Wish merchants in the long run.It also has a negative impact on the development of the platform.Therefore, in order to provide a better user experience, Wish hereby issues a new fulfillment order policy to meet user needs.

For all orders placed on or after April 12, 2018, delayed shipments will be subject to a penalty.If the delivery time from the order generation to the confirmation of delivery by the logistics service provider exceeds 168 hours (7 natural days), the order will be judged as delayed delivery.Merchants will be fined 20% of the order value or $1, whichever is higher.The calculation method of the order amount is: order quantity * (product price + product freight).Stores with high rates of delayed deliveries risk being suspended.

Since most sellers ship their products directly from China, most Wish merchants keep their delivery delays low.In order to urge a few merchants with excessively high delayed delivery rate, the policy of store closure caused by delayed delivery rate came into being.

The "delayed delivery rate" is calculated by dividing the number of orders that are delayed in fulfillment in the current week by the number of orders that have effective tracking information in the current week.An order is a delayed shipment order if it took more than five days to get the first carrier's scan information after the order was generated.

For example: 1. Within one week, the merchant has 10 orders that are all effectively tracked, and all 10 orders confirm the tracking information online within 5 days.The merchant will not be penalized.2. Within one week, the merchants have 10 orders that are all effectively tracked, but none of them confirm the tracking information online within 5 days.The merchant is at risk of being suspended.3. Within one week, the merchant has 10 orders that are all effectively tracked, but only 2 orders confirm the tracking information online within 5 days.The merchant will also be at risk of being suspended.Shop closed, how about sales?It is urgent to improve the delivery efficiency.

So how can sellers improve delayed delivery rates?The best way to do this is to ship from home and ship the order as quickly as possible.Provide order tracking information to improve customer satisfaction.However, many novice sellers did not place many orders at the beginning, and a large number of goods stored in Wish overseas warehouse will generate a large amount of storage fees, which is not conducive to the development of the market.It is recommended that sellers store the goods in the overseas warehouse of kinghood, so that goods can be delivered directly from the overseas warehouse when orders are generated, and the goods will not be troubled by delayed delivery naturally.kinghood has an operation team in both China and the United States that has been deeply engaged in cross-border logistics for many years. It can provide 24-hour seamless service and track the whole process from warehousing to delivery visualization.Manage the goods, let the sellers worry and rest assured.

Wish sellers, have you learned this great method to improve the delivery delay rate?

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