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Do You Know How To Get The Amazon's Good Evaluation
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Jun 26, 2018

Amazon platform has two evaluation systems, one is Feedback and the other is Review. Feedback is the customer's orders for orders, mainly reflects the customer's evaluation of business services, is the customer satisfaction with the performance of shopping. Its display in the shop affects the performance of the store. Review is the customer's pin for the Listing itself, feedback on the customer's evaluation of the quality of the goods, displayed on the product details page, affecting the performance of the Listing.

For buyers, the operation of Feedback is relatively simpler than that of Review, so some buyers will choose to express their satisfaction with the goods and the shopping experience in Feedback. Customers may not be able to recognize the difference between the two when they leave comments, but sellers must be aware of the differences between the two. These two evaluations play an important role in shops and commodities. So, today Xiaobian will take you to understand the importance of Review.

First, Review can help sellers select products. Sellers can evaluate the sales volume of goods through the quantity of Review. The more Review products, the more potential buyers, and the less Review, the less potential buyers. Thus, the seller will be able to determine how to choose the product.

Second, Review helps improve sales of goods. Review directly affects the exposure and flow rate of product Listing. Positive Review can stimulate customers' desire to buy goods, and then enhance the conversion rate and sales volume of goods.

Third, Review can help sellers analyze competitors and improve product information. By analyzing the competitor's Review, the seller can discover the product's quality and customer's demands. When you promote your products, you can more clearly define the needs of your customers, so as to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses and suit the remedy to the case.

The importance of Review is self-evident, so how can businessmen get more positive Review? Remember the eight character truth: "be good at analysis and take the initiative to attack." As we mentioned before, many buyers will choose to leave their purchase experience in Feedback after buying the goods. A buyer who leaves Feedback actively is an enthusiastic person, and a buyer with five star Feedback is a customer satisfied with both goods and services. It is much easier to guide a customer who has high satisfaction with goods and businesses, leaving Review better than guiding a customer who has no expression.

Sellers can guide customers to leave Review through active email. Pay attention when compiling mail. First, the headlines should not be too long, and the words should be simple and easy to understand. If the title is too long and the screen is truncated, most people will choose to skip it directly. The headlines are concise, relaxed, and humorous, and customers click on the mail is the first step to comment. It is suggested here that the name of the buyer can be added to the title to attract the buyer's attention. Secondly, we should use polite language when writing email content, so that customers can feel deeply that businessmen respect themselves. There should be substantive content in the mail, and no mention of praise words. The platform does not allow sellers to think about the buyers, and the sensitive words like good reviews, positive reviews in the mail try not to appear. "I just hope you can tell the true view of the product, that's all." To deal with the relationship with buyers, buyers must not be objectionable.

The Amazon system itself will evaluate Review, and if the system finds violations, Amazon will delete the Review itself. How to get the praise of Amazon Review? It is wise to strictly control the quality of goods, do good customer service and take the initiative to attack.

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