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Cross-border E-commerce Stocking Strategy Unveiled, Help You On The Peak Season Headlines
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Dec 21, 2018

What is the highlight of cross-border e-commerce sellers?It is the busy season of the second half of the year of course.From October, foreign Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas...They're coming.Not only the major domestic e-commerce began to fight the peak season, cross-border e-commerce guys should also play prehistorical powers began to prepare for the preparation of goods!Today xiaobian sorted out a set of season inventory strategy, I hope you can refer to the sellers.

First of all, it is the time to prepare goods in the peak season.As time enters September, Q4 peak season of cross-border e-commerce is approaching day by day, and the peak season preparation battle of amazon sellers is also in full play.It is suggested that amazon sellers reserve the inventory of the fourth quarter to the overseas warehouse or amazon FBA warehouse before September and October every year.Because the annual peak season sales growth is very fast, the fourth quarter sales will occupy the most important part of the annual sales, and even some categories of sellers, the annual sales to complete the peak season.During the peak season, if the goods are not delivered through local distribution, it is likely that due to various reasons, they cannot be delivered to consumers on time.

Arranged the time that busy season prepares goods, be about to decide what product sells after all busy season.Season selection is also crucial.In the peak season, what we need to do is to analyze the big data of previous years in the peak season, and then make a comprehensive judgment according to the new products that stand out in the peak season in previous years. We should use the company's product development ability to do normal product development. Of course, this also requires the sensitivity of operators to the market.During the selection period, keywords can be used to search the platform and compare the sales data of relevant products under this keyword, so as to analyze the market competition of such products and avoid the red sea products.

Meanwhile, hot words on social media can keep up with the market trend.As the largest gathering place of market demand information, social media gathers the hot spots of the era of terminal buyers. Active attention to hot keywords of social media can quickly catch up with the hot spots of terminal buyers, so as to select products in peak season according to hot words.Sellers can also use Google search terms to access overseas retail sites and use the sales of local and national online retailers as a reference to select products, especially those with the latest styles.This not only saves the cost and time of early stage development, many sellers use this method to select products to achieve very good market effect, and can play a multiplier effect with half the effort.

Peak season stock up strict quality control is the key.Due to the large amount of goods in stock in the peak season, many factories supplying cross-border e-commerce sellers are in a rush to work, which is precisely the reason. In this period, it is particularly easy to have poor product quality control, which is a fatal problem for sellers.On the one hand, the quantity of orders in peak season is large, and poor product quality will lead to a large number of customer complaints, which will directly affect the seller's product sales or store performance.On the other hand, amazon sellers have to face huge costs to fix quality problems, as a large amount of goods are stored overseas in the peak season.Therefore, the peak season to stock up, especially to pay attention to the quality of the product this detail.

For the season before the stock up, often appear two problems, one is insufficient stock up, sales to out of stock;Another is that overstocking causes poor sales.Therefore, the seller is required to carefully analyze the early data and growth of each Listing, and prepare goods through different growth rules of products.It is suggested that sellers take 80% of the sales volume of the store as the key product and focus on analyzing their stock plan.For the goods in the fourth quarter, the seller may also need to consider the inventory in January and February. Because January and February are Chinese New Year holidays, many factories do not start work, which may lead to the shortage of goods in January and February.

Sellers can ship the goods to jinhongya overseas warehouse in bulk before the peak season of each year. When replenishment is needed to amazon FBA warehouse, they can replenish the goods from overseas warehouse as soon as possible, which has a great guarantee of timeliness.If the warehouse of amazon is out of stock and the goods cannot be replenished in time, it is also a good choice to consider sending the goods directly to the customer by one shipment from overseas warehouse.Season stocking up knowledge, the above stocking up strategy you have learned?

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