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Cross-border E-commerce Sites Are Being Diverted From YouTube
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Nov 30, 2018

For cross-border e-commerce sellers, cross-border battlefield has already become a competition of traffic, with the traffic in the station running out and the traffic outside the station becoming a must-fight place, so it is imperative for SEO to lead the flow outside.Off-site drainage is also known as social network drainage, using YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms for marketing.Today, we're going to share how we can use YouTube, the world's largest video site, to create cross-border e-commerce streams.

YouTube is the largest video website in the world, the second largest search engine in the world after Google. It is a promotion platform we can make use of, and it contains huge treasure.What are the advantages of using YouTube for promotion?

First, the product can be displayed intuitively.YouTube video shows every detail of the product very intuitively.Whether color, size, style or function, will be displayed directly in front of the audience.The biggest worry and doubt for many online shoppers is that the real thing doesn't match the picture.If we use YouTube video to actually show the product in front of customers, we can dispel their doubts and facilitate the order.

Second, the buyer recommendation effect.Many online shoppers distrust sellers.We do YouTube promotion, which is a form of buyer recommendation. The people in video are the "redskins" we find or our real buyers. They get the real products and introduce their shopping experience to other buyers, which is easier to win the trust of other potential buyers.

Third, it spreads fast.YouTube video spreads very quickly, mainly through thumb up, comments, sharing and other forms.Once our YouTube video is thumb up, then all of our fans can see what's going on, which is our video.The same goes for comments and sharing.A video, the more likes, comments and shares it receives, the wider and faster it can spread on YouTube.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google, and if your product information has a place here, it will get as much exposure and traffic as Google.YouTube video search engine optimization is also crucial.So how do we do that?

First, let's learn how to find the "" redskins" "on YouTube.Enter the name of the product we want to promote +review in the search box at the top of YouTube.Find a suitable "" redskins" "point to go in and find his contact information and business collaboration patterns through his channel.When looking for the "red man", I will mainly browse his previous works and the comments below the works, and make a comprehensive analysis of whether his audience and the audience of your product are exactly the same.

Second, there is SEO on YouTube video.Video's profile name, title, description, and tag can help YouTube distinguish the relevance of your content to the user's search results and allow users to see at a glance whether your video content meets their needs.

1. Title.Try to include as many keywords as you can in your video title, and increase your ranking by increasing your click-through rate.

2. Description.Video description, it is recommended that before putting other outer chains, there should be three or five sentences in the content to briefly describe video content, and the video description should focus on the main keywords.

3. Contents of video.Video must provide valuable information, so product display must highlight selling points and highlights.Stories can be used to introduce questions and provide solutions.The language is simple and colloquial, conducted in the same way as the audience talks, not too serious or too formal, and humorous video is easier to watch.

4. Length of video.The video ranking on YouTube's first page averages about 15 minutes, according to the survey.Longer video content also provides more value.However, modern people's attention and patience is no longer as long as it used to be. How to control the length of the film, or analyze the sub-sets, and make the audience want to watch it is a personal skill.

5. Video should be perfected.This section includes the video thumbnail, the outer chain, and creating your own playlist.The video thumbnail refers to the main video screen that will appear when people search for video.Video thumbnails are recommended to be clear and use relatively bright colors, so users can see your video thumbnails at a glance when searching, and try to be as thematic as possible.In addition, you can use the information at the end of video to guide users to external links so that they can have more knowledge about your brand.

If you want to run YouTube channel for a long time, you can start to build your own playlist after you have 10 video, so that users can see the videos you have prepared for them according to different themes, increase the time that users stay in your channel, and thereby know more about your channel and know more about you.

Before you start optimising your YouTube channel, check out the competition to see their video content, subject matter, length, keywords used, titles, and video thumbnails for a reference.Also, you have to know your main target audience and make good content so that users can repeatedly return to your channel to watch the updated videos.

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