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Comparison Between Amazon FBA And Overseas Warehouse Advantages And Disadvantages
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Jul 26, 2018

With the emergence of new opportunities for cross-border electricity dealers, with the rise of third-party overseas warehouses, cross-border power sellers are often able to reduce their reliance on the Amazon warehouse and choose the flexible use of third-party overseas warehouses.

So what is the advantage of the overseas warehouse compared with FBA?

First, Amazon FBA

FBA's full name is fulfillment by Amazon, which is a dragon-style logistics service provided by Amazon, including warehousing, picking and packing, delivery, collection, customer service and return handling.

The advantage of using FBA is: 1, can improve the ranking of listing, help sellers improve the possibility of getting a shopping cart.

2, Amazon FBA Warehouse all over the world, to facilitate the seller to broaden the market.

3, delivery of the aging of the rapid, local delivery to ensure that the fastest delivery of goods to the buyer's hands. 4, erase the dispute caused by the logistics, select the seller of FBA shipped once the problem due to logistics service issues and the difference, you can find Amazon customer service proposed to delete the application.

Because of the use of Amazon FBA shipments, Amazon will be responsible for product transport and packaging.

The disadvantage of using FBA is: 1, FBA cost will be relatively high.

2, if the label pasted when the problem, will affect the warehousing of goods.

3, return address only support local return. 4, the buyer can have no reason to return for 7 days, this period will not have any communication with the seller. And Amazon stipulates that the same label bar code in the back of the warehouse, within six months shall not return to the warehouse.

In the event of a return replacement, the goods can only be destroyed in situ.

5, Amazon's customer service feedback, and can only communicate in English. Second, overseas warehouses, that is, overseas warehousing services. By the network foreign trade platform, logistics providers independent or jointly for sellers in the sales target of goods warehousing, sorting, packaging, delivery of one-stop control and management services.

Sellers store the goods in the local warehouse, when the buyer has the demand, the first time to make rapid response, timely delivery of goods sorting, packaging and delivery. Overseas Warehouse Advantage is: 1, the overseas warehouse can reduce the logistics cost, the seller may carry some goods through the sea Bulk transportation to the third party overseas storehouse. When the seller needs timely replenishment to the FBA warehouse, it can be shipped directly from the overseas warehouse.

Save the shipping money from the domestic shipping again. 2, overseas warehouse can help businesses reduce storage costs. FBA warehouses in the first 6 months of storage of goods is very cheap, but 6 months after the explosion of storage costs 10 times times, for Amazon merchants will produce a huge amount of money. At this time the merchant may choose to transfer the goods to the third party overseas warehouse. Replace the label and return to the FBA warehouse with a new product. The FBA warehouse will also collect the storage fee according to the charging method of the new warehousing goods.

Effectively reduce the merchant's warehousing costs. 3, delivery time is faster, the seller directly from the overseas warehouse delivery replenishment, the middle of the package away from the domestic to foreign travel times.

At the same time, the first-pass transport to solve the transport, customs clearance, clearance and other complex issues, no longer need to worry about the warehouse goods customs clearance issues, waiting for orders, ready to ship. 4, warehousing management experience, no longer for the warehouse manager's cargo management problems, overseas warehousing has been equipped with the most professional management staff. After the goods are sent to a third party overseas warehouse, they are directly assisted by the overseas warehouse. Post-signing and so on are directly handled by the overseas warehouse side.

For sellers, more convenient. 5, when the Amazon merchant returned a return exchange problem, the merchant may contact with the third party freight forwarding company, realizes the FBA cargo to return the storehouse to post the operation.

Overseas warehouses can help customers replace labels, packaging, re-enter the FBA warehouse after the realization of sales again. Of course, there are more or less problems with overseas warehouses. To achieve "warehousing", to provide localized, diversified overseas services, how to let the overseas warehouse is no longer a simple "warehouse" is the key.

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