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Common Problems With FBA Labels
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Aug 27, 2018

I believe that many new amazon sellers often encounter many questions about FBA tags when they first start to make FBA. Here is a summary of the most frequently asked questions.

1. Related issues about FBA product label printing

1. How to print the FBA product label?

Method 1: use A4 paper to print FBA label, then cut it by cutting machine, and then stick transparent adhesive paper.

Method 2: use self-adhesive A4 paper to print, then cut and paste on the product by cutting machine.

Method 3: use cut and self-adhesive A4 paper to print, and paste directly after printing.

Method 4: print with the label printer. You need to process the label before using it.You can also make your own tags. Note that making your own FBA tags must be able to scan the code.

Method 5: print with a thermal printer, download FBA product label, use PS slice, pull to Word and print directly.

One caveat here: carbon tape + coated paper is recommended for printing labels, as thermal paper labels may fade until completely worn if they are left too long or damp.

2. Does the label of FBA have to be printed with adhesive?

Not necessarily, use the item on "" amazon logistics" "goods, A4 paper is also ok.However, it is important to note that A4 paper printing is easy to blur and wear, once the label wear will be more troublesome, so be sure to pay attention.

3. What should I pay attention to when printing the subject matter of the commodity?

Use a laser printer and A4 adhesive paper.May also use the barcode printer, the barcode format is set to 128B standard.It is not recommended to use inkjet printers, which are prone to smudges, resulting in blurry images and making labels difficult to read or scan.

2. Problems related to labeling of FBA products

1. What requirements do amazon FBA products have on the label?

(1) amazon requires that the product outer box should be labeled with the national Label and FBA Label, and each product should be labeled with the SKU Label of the product.

(2) the seller's own combination of package goods (such as those with gifts) must have the "do not unpack" label: print this label and attach it at the opening or seal or combination of the commodity.

(3) the outer box and each product shall be labeled with "MADE IN CHINA".

(4) if the product is overweight, it shall be labeled as overweight.

2. The goods have been sent to amazon, but I forgot to put the outer box label on the box.

You should know that amazon does not accept goods without outer box label, so sellers must check the outer box label address when shipping.Generally, the forwarder will help to check the label and address of the outer container.Of course, if the label is not fully attached or not, the seller can contact the forwarder company at this time to see if it can help with the subsidy, or contact the forwarder company's overseas warehouse to help paste the label after the destination, and then enter the FBA warehouse.

3. For goods sent to amazon warehouse, can the shipping place on FBA outer box label not be printed on the label?Can it be changed after the creation of the shipment?

The shipping place will appear on the tag, which is automatically generated by amazon.If the item has been created and the labels have been generated, it cannot be modified.

4. For the product of the same SKU, several FBA plans have been established. Is the product label unchanged?

The product label will not change. If it doesn't work once, it can continue again.

5. The size of the external box set by the system is different from the actual box. Do you need to reprint the external box label?

It doesn't really matter if the error is small;If the difference is too large, it is better to reprint the outer carton label, so as not to delay the warehousing.

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