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China's First International Import Expo Exhibitors And Merchants Supply And Demand Docking Gala Opening
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Nov 20, 2018

On November 6, the first China international import expo (ciexpo) held a grand opening in the national convention and exhibition center (Shanghai).This meeting is the largest supporting event of the first China international import expo, hosted by the China international import expo bureau, the national convention and exhibition center (Shanghai), and hosted by the bank of China.More than 1400 overseas exhibitors from 82 countries and regions and more than 3000 domestic merchants conducted docking negotiations.Luxembourg's deputy prime minister and minister of economy Eddie t. schneider, assistant minister of commerce li chenggang, deputy secretary-general of Shanghai municipal people's government song yijia and bank of China chairman Chen siqing attended the event and delivered speeches.

Luxembourg's deputy prime minister schneider said that China's reform and opening-up took its first step 40 years ago, which also started Luxembourg's diplomatic and economic and trade cooperation with China.Bank of China is the first Chinese bank to set up a branch in Luxembourg.As a dynamic economy on the global stage, Luxembourg hopes to further expand bilateral economic and trade cooperation with China and become a gateway for Chinese investors to enter the European market.

Assistant minister of commerce cheng-gang li in his speech, pointed out that China's international import expo, China's focus on promoting a new round of high levels of opening to the outside world to make major decisions, is a major measure for China to open its market to the world actively, embodies the Chinese support the multilateral trading system, promote the development of free trade of consistent position, is China's drive to build an open world economy, support the action of economic globalization.In the historical process of expanding import, China international import expo will become an important platform and carrier.The three-day supply and demand meeting has received positive responses from exhibitors, exhibition organizers, trade groups and buyers.As the organizer, the bank of China, relying on the advantages of global operation, creates a good negotiation environment for exhibitors and purchasers, provides an accurate docking platform, facilitates the communication, and enables both parties to have a real sense of gain.

Chen siqing, chairman of the bank of China, said the holding of the China international import expo has declared to the world China's firm determination and pragmatic actions to further expand its opening-up.The bank of China, as a supporting enterprise of comprehensive banking services for import expo, has long adhered to the concept of "opening up promotes development and win-win cooperation" and is committed to promoting mutually beneficial cooperation and common prosperity between China and the rest of the world.Since the launch of cross-border matchmaking service for small and medium-sized enterprises in 2014, bank of China has held the 50th matchmaking meeting in the world, which is a significant milestone. It has set three records in terms of the longest time, the largest scale and the largest number of participating countries and regions.In the future, the bank of China will continue to give full play to its advantages of globalization and integration, provide high-quality, professional and efficient services to the "matchmakers" of Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs, promote import expo to achieve more fruitful results, let more enterprises share the dividends of China's economic development, and promote economic globalization to a higher level of development.

Song yijia, deputy secretary general of the Shanghai municipal people's government, said that the first China international import expo is the world's first state-level exhibition themed on import, which means the start of a new era for Chinese and foreign enterprises and consumers.With its prominent regional advantages, Shanghai will play a pivotal role and become the center of the world connecting the Chinese market and China connecting the world market.Shanghai's pursuit of excellence, the collection of the city's efforts to become a world-class expo, the bank of China to undertake exhibitors and merchants supply and demand to meet, to better help enterprises integrate into the global, this is "people".With the right time, right place and person, this meeting of supply and demand will be a booster for exhibitors and merchants to enhance friendship, deepen cooperation and develop mutually.

Overseas guests agreed that the exchange meeting has set up an effective communication platform for exhibitors and merchants and greatly promoted the economic and trade exchanges between overseas enterprises and China.

The first China international import expo will be held on November 6th solstice8 for three days.Over 8,000 square meters of the meeting site, set up "one-to-one" negotiation area, free docking area, intention signing area, business promotion area, mobile call center, exhibition area and other functional areas.At the docking meeting, boc cross-border matching system (GMS), independently developed by the bank of China, provides precise matching for a large number of customers. The chinese-english bilingual supply and demand docking APP and WEB client enables customers at home and abroad to know all the participating enterprises and enjoy the modern scientific and technological achievements at the fingertips.

The cross-border matchmaking service for small and medium-sized enterprises initiated by bank of China (boc) worldwide is an important measure to implement the development concept of the new era and serve the real economy. It is also a practical action in response to the national "One Belt And One Road" initiative.Up to now, the bank of China has been held in the global 50 cross-border set ccpit, from five continents, 87 countries and regions, nearly 3 m Chinese and foreign enterprises to participate in, the industry involved in information technology, biotechnology, high-end manufacturing, artificial intelligence, modern agriculture, new energy, environmental protection, education, healthcare, and tourism, help enterprises to achieve trade, investment, technology transfer, and a series of business cooperation, the business by the governments of the widespread praise.

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