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Before Each Popular Product Hits The Shelves, How To Do The New Product Test
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Feb 01, 2019

Many sellers like to make the most of a new product by finding suppliers, producing products, analyzing selling points, uploading products, and placing pay-per-click ads all at once.This is likely to lead to problems at the end of the process -- sales are down after the product hits the shelves, AD clicks cost more than expected, and so on.

In fact, sellers can effectively avoid many problems by doing well in the market test of new products before placing orders with suppliers. Today, I will recommend several methods for testing new products to help sellers create products quickly and well, and at the same time save capital costs.

1. Search for popular products through AMS

AMS can provide sellers with valuable amazon market data about which products are hot and which are not, preventing you from wasting time testing products that don't have a market.

Vendors can access AMS via Vendor Central or Vendor Express.Provide at least one product to amazon, and then create a product as required by the platform, which is then reviewed by amazon.If the review is successful, some samples need to be sent to amazon.In most cases, amazon asks suppliers to provide 12 free samples.This allows sellers to successfully access the AMS platform.

Then sellers can use AMS to generate keyword data, which has three different AD options: Sponsored Product Ads, Headline Search Ads and Product Display Ads.You're just here to access the data, you don't need to buy these ads.Input keywords and budget, the system will provide keywords traffic points.Traffic score shows the popularity of the product, is a good way to find hot products.Of course, the system does not give a detailed number, but at least shows the general direction, you are recommended to choose the traffic on the product.

By searching for keywords, you can also find the market demand for the product.If there is little demand for the product, it is not recommended that sellers put too much effort into it.

Second, analyze the competitors to understand the products

Reading your competitors' product keywords and product reviews can help you quickly identify your product's strengths and weaknesses.

1. Search and analyze through Google

Find out the product keywords of competitors and input them into Google trends to view the data, so as to analyze the market demand of this product.

2. Review and analyze amazon products

Sellers can use amazon's big data tool to grab reviews of products and analyze them.By analyzing the product reviews of competitors, the selling points of popular products are summarized, and these selling points are all concentrated on their own products. The data obtained based on the market test can effectively reduce the cost of testing.

Run virtual PPC ads

PPC advertising is an essential part of product promotion.Sellers also need to consider the cost of advertising when testing products.However, most sellers do not consider PPC advertising cost until the goods are in place, which often leads to PPC advertising cost much higher than expected.Therefore, when doing product testing, virtual advertising testing is also an essential part.

Sellers need to upload a product first, then set the product to self-deliver, and set up several inventories to make the product effective.To discourage consumers from buying, set the price higher.Once the product takes effect, sellers can see how much each click costs by clicking on their own paid AD, and then analyze what competitors are offering.Prepare the data analysis for the later advertising.

Iv. Test sales

After testing, the sellers can send some samples to the amazon warehouse.Observe the sales situation, if the natural circumstances, the average day can be out of 2-3 orders, sellers can consider stock.It is recommended that sellers do not rush to send excessive goods to amazon warehouse for stock.After all, once the high cost of unsalable storage is also a big expenditure.Sellers can send a small part of their goods to amazon's warehouse, and the rest to kinghood overseas warehouse.After all, the storage cost of overseas warehouse is much cheaper than that of amazon warehouse.When replenishment is needed, it can be delivered directly from overseas warehouses, which helps sellers in terms of timeliness and cost.

Through product testing and initial sales testing, you can have a more profound understanding of the product.I believe that every seller can create your shop's best-selling.

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