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Amazon To Create Hot Style Vine Voices Project
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Nov 09, 2018

It's not that sellers don't understand, it's that amazon rules change fast!After amazon "bloodstained" Review at the beginning of the year, many sellers have not reviewed their products, and the weight has been reduced, not to mention, the conversion rate has been greatly reduced.What's the solution to amazon's madness?What to recommend to sellers is amazon's official Vine Voices project.

So what is the amazon Vine Voices?It's not hard for sellers to find the Vine Voice logo alongside many of the reviews.That is, the Review location is marked with the green word "Vine Customer Review of Free Product".

Amazon stipulates that third-party agencies (such as Facebook groups or major assessment websites) cannot be used to offer discounted or free products to the Reviewer in exchange for comment.Only those who do discount codes or send tests through the amazon Vine Voices program are in compliance.Amazon will invite the most trusted Reviewer to send reviews of new and pre-sold products to help customers make informed purchasing decisions.Whether or not you can become Vine Voices depends on the Reviewer's ranking, the quality and helpfulness of the Review, and whether you have a professional Review of a particular category.

Amazon offers free products to Vine members, of course, from sellers who participate in the Vine Voices project.Vine comments were independently suggested by Vine Vioces, and sellers cannot influence, modify, or edit them.Amazon doesn't modify or edit Vine's comments as long as they comply with the release policy.Vine Voices's Review weights are higher than normal.

What are the benefits of using Vine Customer Review?

I. the "Vine Customer Review of Free Product" logo is permanently left on the Product page!Amazon doesn't give interference.

Amazon's deletion is not valid for Vine Customer Review.As we all know, the amazon controversy has been going on for several years.In particular, a large number of fake product reviews were deleted at the beginning of this year. This time, amazon took a heavy blow.Even a small number of sellers' real comments were unfortunately affected!Taking part in the Vine Voices project is a good option, as the reviews left by amazon's Vine Voices reviewers can be left on the product page permanently, without being censored.

Second, because Vine Customer is a credible and professional Reviewer, such Review is more credible and persuasive, which is more helpful for the product conversion rate.

Members of the amazon Vine Voices project are professional reviewers, and their presence is more convincing to buyers.So when the Reviewer leaves a good comment on your product, it will definitely help your conversion rate.

Iii. Vine Customer Review has the highest weight in amazon Review. Premium Vine Review allows you to quickly build product credibility and brand reputation.

Vine Customer Review has a higher weight than normal Review.Buyers are also more likely to trust Vine Customer Review.The importance of good Vine Review to sellers goes without saying.

Of course, there's a lot to be said for participating in the Vine Voices initiative.First, because it's official amazon reviews, it doesn't necessarily get good reviews.Therefore, product quality is not recommended.Moreover, Vine products need to be shipped to amazon's designated warehouse, and then the products will be placed in the Vine Voice community. Vine buyers get free products according to their own requirements and leave comments within 3-30 days after receiving the products, so the whole review cycle is relatively long.

The Q4 season is already here, and Vine Review is a great way to quickly add dozens of reviews to a new product. It's a great way to build hot style, improve conversion rates, and build brand reputation.But this is an official assessment, and sellers can't comment on the quality of the star, so it's important to ensure the quality of the product.

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