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Amazon Or Independent Website, Which Platform Is More Suitable For You
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Jan 11, 2019

It is quite common for e-commerce sellers to join the sales wave of amazon platform, because amazon's e-commerce platform provides great sales potential for retailers, so they need to put their energy and efforts into this platform.But in Europe and the United States, many consumers buy things, not only will see the quality of products, but also very concerned about the qualifications of enterprises.

So which channel should sellers choose?The answer is: both methods should be taken into full consideration, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

As far as amazon is concerned, firstly, it can bring higher traffic for sellers.In European and American countries, many consumers are very dependent on amazon platform, just like our domestic shopping to taobao.That means selling on amazon gives you access to a lot of customers that you wouldn't otherwise get.

Two, enhance the brand reputation of the seller.Amazon is a trusted platform where selling can bring additional brand value to merchants.Shoppers know they are likely to be unhappy with their shopping, and they can easily return items they buy on amazon.That's why many consumers prefer to buy from amazon rather than a retailer's own online store.

Third, pay more attention to the quality of goods.By selling products on a platform, you focus more on the product than on many channels that you may not be familiar with at all.

Of course, there are disadvantages to being an amazon.For example, the phenomenon of return and exchange of goods is serious, FBA warehouse storage cost is too high and so on.For these short board, businessmen can choose to use jin hongya overseas warehouse.The storage cost of the overseas warehouse is much cheaper than that of FBA warehouse. Sellers can choose to store the goods in the overseas warehouse and timely replenish the goods from the overseas warehouse when they need replenishment to amazon warehouse, which not only saves the cost but also improves the timeliness.When the phenomenon of return and exchange occurs, the goods can be directly removed to the overseas warehouse, and the operations of changing labels, packaging and returning to the amazon warehouse can be carried out in the overseas warehouse, realizing the maximum value of the returned package.

And oneself make independent station, also have original advantage.More control.If you work with amazon, then you have to do things amazon's way.On your own site, you can design the look you want, manage your transactions independently, and so on.In short, you will have complete control over the way you run your e-commerce business.Don't worry, the site is blocked.

Lower costs.On amazon, some of your profits go into amazon's pocket.The cost of running your own site is relatively low because you don't have to pay a platform fee.You own 100% of the profits.

Third, establish the brand image.Many European and American consumers check online for product recommendations before buying.Then find the brand name on the search engine, look at the product display status of the independent station, or look at the relevant reports of the brand, and judge the qualification of the brand.Comment OK, the brand is trustworthy, can place an order to buy.

However, as an independent site, there is no FBA warehouse as the overseas support, and every time we deal with orders, we have to deliver goods from home, which is easy to lose the package, and there is no guarantee on the time limit, so many businesses are put off.In fact, sellers can be kinghood overseas warehouse as their own market expansion tentacles.Sellers can ship the goods in bulk to overseas warehouses, because it is a bulk transport, there will be no loss of the phenomenon.When a buyer places an order, one piece can be delivered directly from the overseas warehouse and delivered by express in the United States. The delivery time is guaranteed, and the shopping experience of consumers will be improved accordingly.

The advantages and disadvantages of the two channels are compared and solutions to the disadvantages are provided.So how to choose amazon V.S. independent website as a cross-border e-commerce company?The answer is: suggest to do omni-channel, choose appropriate platform + independent station according to actual situation.The two channels should be combined to control the quality of products. Let's give the choice of shopping to consumers.

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