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Amazon July New Rules, Pictures Of Those Things
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Jun 13, 2018

What is the key point to decide the order of Internet users? Whether you want it or not, and the most important thing is whether you like it or not. People are visual animals. Many times, online shopping determines whether or not to buy the product. So many businesses began to work on pictures of Amazon products. In order to standardize the image standards of the Amazon platform, from July 1st, all the pictures of the illegal products on the platform will begin to be completely renovate. All the unregulated products of the main map will be banned.

Since July 2018, if the seller's main product has the following problems, its Listing category will be off the shelf.

• background is not pure white background color

• pixel, edge sawtooth images

• images containing text, graphics, or watermark

Display images of multiple product views, colors or sizes.

• map images using model models

• the main product map accounts for less than 85% of the picture space

First, the main map requirements of Amazon products

1, the background of the main product of the Amazon product must be pure white, and the RGB value must be (255255255).

2, the picture must be the product of the real map, can not be produced by excessive PS pictures or illustrations, pictures can not appear in products irrelevant accessories.

3, there are no words, LOGO tags and watermark pictures on the main graph. Unless it's a LOGO with its own goods.

4, products occupy about 85% of the main map space, we must focus on products.

5, some products that need model display can only be used by human models, but not models and models must stand. What we need to pay attention to here is footwear products. The pictures worn on the model feet can only appear in the supplementary Drawings, and can not appear on the main picture.

Two. The request of the Amazon Product

1, Amazon products listing sellers can add up to 8 supplementary maps at most.

2, supplementary drawings should show different sides of the product, highlight the characteristics of the product, and display details.

3, supplementary Drawings need pure white background, and can not have text and LOGO.

4, the model in the auxiliary map must also be a standing human model, and no model model can be found.

Three, product picture size and other requirements

1, the size of the picture can not be less than 500 pixels.

2, the long edges of the picture should be between 1001 pixels and 3000 pixels, and the recommended 2560 pixels.

3, the format of the picture can be JPEG, TIFF and GIF. JPEG format is recommended.

4, the horizontal and vertical ratio of the proposed picture is 1:1.3, in order to achieve the best visual effect.

5, the last thing to note is that no borders can appear in the picture. But for white cover books, you need to add a 3 pixel gray border.

Product pictures play an important role in sales. It is very important to change the product picture information in time according to the new regulations of the Amazon platform in July. How to do a good job in the product master plan, highlighting the characteristics of the product is worth every businessman thinking deeply.

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