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Amazon Fba Shipping China To USA
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Apr 26, 2018

kinghood is the first cross-border e-commerce logistics company in the northern part of the country. It aims to create a time-limited, low-cost logistics and warehousing service for cross-border e-commerce companies in northern China. The company China and the United States are both operating their own companies, and the United States and China have all seamlessly closed operations, which not only saves logistics costs but also greatly speeds up the overall transportation time limit. Autonomous and cooperative channels are flexible and diverse, including(international shipping, international air transport, international express delivery), comprehensively covering cross-border e-commerce logistics, e-commerce overseas storage services, so that cross-border e-commerce cargo has always been under its own control.
Jinhongya international freight, dedicated to cross-border small and medium-sized sellers, we uphold: let the products of the North open the international market, so that the North cross-border e-commerce rapid growth! This mission, to solve the North cross-border e-commerce logistics in all kinds of difficulties!


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